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Monday, October 1, 2012

My Personal Challenge

65MD and I have just returned from a few days in Colonial Williamsburg.  It was a nice break from our daily routines.  He was attending a conference so he didn't get quite the break that I did.  Regardless, it was a nice time and I had some triumphs and perhaps an insight or two.

Colonial Williamsburg is set in the 1770's.  The individuals working there dress and speak as they did during that time period. Even the food served on sight is supposed to be similar.  Before we left, I had given myself permission to eat whatever I wanted while on site.  I didn't want to agonize about how many calories, carbs or fat grams a particular offering had especially if I wasn't quite sure what the food item was!  I got over that during the first meal.  It was dry and just not very tasty.  I gave it another chance because I could have made a bad choice, or the tavern could have been having a bad time.  The second meal was almost as bad as the first, so I gladly let that notion go.

Sadly, it was still difficult to find good options even with the more modern food offerings.  I just made the best choices I could at the moment and not once did I obsess over it.  I just ate and moved on.  In fact, I sort of like the way I'm eating right now.  I know I still need to cut down on the amounts and I'm still letting myself have too many carbs.  On the whole, however, I think I have the basis for a good, healthy way of eating with just a few tweaks here and there.

Since CW is set in the 1770's it is totally pedestrian.  I set a personal best with 22,314 steps in one day!  My previous record was at the beach in April with 20,202 steps. I freely admit that naproxen was involved.  I was a little stiff the next morning but got over that quickly enough.  That let 65MD and me to a discussion regarding fitness.  We agreed that we both needed to be more fit.  We agreed that our biggest health concern was not food, but exercise.  That conversation led us to the decision to try P90X.

I got it today.  I have yet to read through all of the information that came with it, but I will.  My plan is to start today.  It is a 90 day program.  That is perfect timing for the last quarter of the year.  A friend IRL told me I'd feel like I was dying for about 3 days and then I'd be fine.  Be forewarned, I could be moaning and groaning for a few days.  I'll gladly moan and groan if it gets the rest of the weight off.

I've taken all of my measurements and I'll have 65MD take some before shots.  I'll get those posted on the sidebar.  I'll take 30 day progress pics, so we can all watch me shrink.  I'm excited.  I think this is just the thing for which I was I was searching!


  1. WONDERFUL! so glad you're letting health happen and not fretting over every morsel. you're gonna kill this 90 days! WOOT!

  2. I totally agree with you about the food in CW. The last time we were there, we stayed in a condo and prepared all our own meals because we remembered that purchasing food wasn't a good idea. It's about time to go back and we'll do the exact same thing. Keep walking, girl, keep walking!!

  3. Sounds like excitement is headed your way! WTG on that personal best, too. That's a lot of steps! :)