Total Weight Loss

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Mileage

I have 750 miles under my belt!  Only 250 more to go.  It will be a stretch to get that many more miles in before December 31.  I'm still giving it my best.

I'm still hanging in there with the P90X/Belly Dance combo.  I'm disappointed to report another week with no loss.  I'm definitely disappointed but not yet discouraged.  I can't help but believe this is the right thing for me to do.  The workouts are challenging and the eating is sane and sensible.  All the aspects are quite doable for me in my life right now. Eventually, my body will have to build up enough muscle that the pounds will start melting off.  It is no fun work my tail off and not see the results for which I was hoping. 

It is further insulting that 65MD has decided to trim off those few extra pounds and lost three pounds in three days!  I've cautioned him that this is not sustainable, and that the loss will taper off.  I'm saying that as much to me as to him!  All he's doing is counting calories in a very general way.  He'll eat something and say it is about 200 calories and move on.  He has no graphs, spreadsheets, charts or even a real calorie count! I am glad for him, but jealous too.

This is week four of the first phase.  Next Monday I will report the total loss I've had since October 1 in both total pounds and inches.  I can only hope to catch up with 65MD!!!


  1. i am LOATHE to admit it but alas it is easier for men to lose (so what's my problem?) so dont try to compete just encorage one another!

  2. Those men, gotta love 'em, but it sure gets frustrating how quickly they can lose weight. I still have confidence you can make that 1,000 mile goal.

  3. Omgosh. Every time I start WW and lose weight, the husband loses weight from just eating the healthier foods I cook. Without fail, someone will say "You've lost weight, haven't you?!" When I turn around, they are talking to HIM. No. Fair. At. All!!! LOL
    I'm sorry the scale is being a jerk, but you are right to keep going. This lifestyle is way better than how you were living before, right? You will catch up weight-wise!

  4. Haha. My husband loses weight so easy. I'm so glad to hear the same thing from other people! He gets the 'you've lost weight' all the time, just like Staci said.

    Keep it up, girl. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Hmm, Belly Dance my way to fitness? I'm guessing O ought to leave that to you. Looking forward to your pounds and inches report. Who knows, that report just might have me rethink breaking into a Belly Dance.