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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Few Good Things

I think that my last few posts have been downers, under the guise of complete honesty. There are good things too, which outnumber the bad, better health is the biggie. Things like lower blood pressure, better cholesterol, proper blood sugar are a part of that. I thought I'd list a few more tangible things that I've been experiencing lately:

  • Fun with clothes. I have been having a great time getting dressed in the morning. I have lots of nice new to me clothes. It is so much fun to go to the store - any store - and find cute things that actually fit. I've really enjoyed shopping at Goodwill! The stores here are clean and the clothes are well organized. In fact, I think I'm going to shop for some blouses this weekend.
  • Jewelry. I have a ton of jewelry that I'd just stopped wearing. I know that some of it had gotten small. Chokers were just about literally choking me, but I think too that I didn't care to draw a lot of attention to myself while I was so big. It was not a conscious decision, but it happened. Now every morning, I sort through and find just the right baubles to accompany my really cute clothes.

  • My sunglasses* don't bump my cheek. I have very chubby cheeks. That makes for a youthful appearance, but it is a hindrance in finding sunglasses that 'fit'. If the lenses are large they touch my cheeks. I don't like that.

  • Fitting in stadium seats. Tuesday night J-boy scored a couple of free tickets to a concert. I was a little surprised when I sat down and no part of my body touched the sides of the seat. I even felt a little bit skinny!!
  • Moving around with more ease.  This is huge for me because I am a klutz.  I didn't realize quite how much the extra weight was contributing to my klutziness, but it did.  I am by no means graceful now, but I'm a long way from the lumbering mess I once was.
  • I almost enjoy getting up in the morning.  I think I'll always be a sleepy-head, but I'm enjoying stepping on the scales and seeing it slip down.  

    *A couple of years ago the sunglasses that I'd had for years and years fell apart. I'd probably had them for at least 10 years, no exaggeration, perhaps even 15. Since I have the chubby cheek issue, when I get a pair that works, I stick with them! It was near my birthday so one of the very thoughtful gifts J-boy got me was a pair of $3 sunglasses from a local dollar store. He really intended for them to be a pair for me to wear while I got the ones I really wanted. But I liked these, and thought they looked good on me. When I cut the tags off I noticed that they were labeled 'almost Chanel' or something like that. I thought it was hilarous and enjoyed going around telling people about my Chanel knock-offs. Sadly, those sunglasses broke while we were in Miami beach close to a year later. I was heartbroken. Again, J-boy came through as it was once again near my birthday. He couldn't find the Chanel ones, but got a red pair since that is my favorite color. Those broke on our last day of the cruise, somewhere in the Bahamas, just a couple of weeks ago. I have a way to go until my birthday so I couldn't wait for another gift pair. J-boy and I happened to be in the same dollar store the original Chanel-NOT glasses were purchased just a few days after we got back from the cruise. I was delighted to find another pair exactly like the ones that broke in Miami. They were still just $3 for that almost designer look. And they don't touch my cheeks at all!!!

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    1. All of those are great achievements! You're doing great :)