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Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Good Day

Thanks to everyone for the thoughts, prayers, good wishes, karma, etc. today.  I've been calm and serene today.  I've thought often of my dear Dad, and my grandfathers too, but it was with happiness and thankfulness for the legacy they left me.  I'll miss them until the day I die, but my mourning is turning in to appreciation. 

Of course I have a funny story for the day.  At church this morning there was a particularly emotional time, and I shed a tear or two.  They were happy tears.  I dabbed my eyes with a tissue and wiped my nose.  It was bleeding.  I had to scurry out to take care of that.  I slipped out as discreetly as I could, but still several people saw me.  Every single one thought it was because I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I had to dismiss myself.  So, I had to explain about the nosebleed several times after church.

I have such a loving group of friends.  I am truly blessed!

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