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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Scale Report

This morning I weighed 177.8, up 0.2 lbs from last Saturday.  I was amazingly calm when I saw that.  I was even a little bit pleased.  That is practically maintaining for the week, and my goal for the week was shocking my body not weight loss. Although, yesterday's post indicated, I was expecting a bit of a loss.  That didn't happen.  Live and learn.  Right?

In the interest of full disclosure however, I must hasten to add that last night was awful.  I wanted ice cream so bad, I could almost taste it.  I kept thinking that if I was going to have a gain, I might has well have enjoyed it.  I didn't cheat.  I knew I'd feel even worse about myself if I caved. 

But, my real salvation was that J-boy and I had to pick my mother up from the airport during the worst of my cravings.  We'd just gone a short distance from our house when we saw the rain ahead.  We drove straight into one of the worst hailstorms ever.  The sane people were pulling over under overpasses until the worst of it passed.  Not J-boy & me, oh no, we forged ahead, with him insisting he could see.  I wasn't discouraging him because I'd learned that her flight was due to land early.  She's a bit of a nervous traveler so I had visions of her sitting at baggage claim like a little 5 year old wondering what to do.

This seemed to be a typical summer storm in the south.  I thought it would blow over in about 5 minutes.  It lasted much longer and the airport was impacted.  Her plane had landed 10 minutes early but no planes were taking off in the storm, thus there were no gates available for the passengers to deplane.  They sat on the tarmac for 20 or 30 minutes until the storm abated enough for it to be safe for planes to take off again.  Needless to say, J-boy & I got to baggage claim well ahead of her.  We didn't get home until well after 9:00 so it was much too late to eat anything.

I woke up this morning with a fresh perspective.  My next goal is to get below 175.5.  Then I'll merely be overweight, no longer obese!!  I'm focusing on the fresh food that is so readily available this time of year.  I spent my morning making dill pickles from fresh cucumbers from my back yard and dill from my herb garden.  I'll report again in about 6 weeks to say how absolutely delicious they are. 

I've had a good eating day so far today, no carbs and lots of water.  Soon, I'll no longer be obese!!

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