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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time for a Change

I'm beginning to think about yet another eating plan.  I've been a little disappointed with my results on this latest round of hcg.  I'm getting a bit of a "been there, done that" sort of vibe from my body.  After 15 months of switching between that & low carb, my body needs something else, I think.  I struggled and struggled to get past the 182.6 hump, and I expected once I crossed that hurdle, I'd skate on down about 10 pounds.  That had been my pattern in the past, and since it did not continue this time, it is time for a change.
I really want to break this stagnation and move forward.  I had anticipated enjoying the bounty from our back yard garden this summer.  I've still got a while to go before much is ripe, so that can still be the centerpiece of my summer diet.  What to do in the meantime?  I have just about made up my mind to do what I call the 7 day diet.  Others call it the cabbage soup diet, and still others call it the Sacred Heart Hospital diet. 
First let me say that I thing the claims about losing upwards of 20 pounds during the course of the diet bogus.  Of course I intend to lose weight, but my thinking is that this whole thing will be a real shock to my system and hopefully break through this barrier.  The premise behind switching between two eating plans is that the body gets used to one way of eating over & over and stagnates.  It worked for over a year, so I think there is some validity to that.  Now I just need to find another way to shake things up.  The more I contemplate things the more I think this is the way to go. 
Even the causal reader of this blog knows that I hate almost all vegetables, and must be quite curious as to how I intend to eat cabbage soup for seven days.  In short, I don't.  Along with the disgusting, vile, nasty soup, each day has an additional menu.  For instance, on day one all fruit is allowed except for bananas.  I can eat lots of good fresh fruit all day and be satisfied.  Day two is all vegetables.  That will be a little more challenging, but I can find enough that I like to make it through that day.  Days three through seven have their own accompaniment.  I'll just eat that.
My plan now is to start that on Monday since I have to finish the course of hcg.  I'll do this for seven days and then hopefully, the bountiful harvest in my backyard will be ready.


  1. Wonderful post... Very informational and educational as usual!

    Acai Optimum

  2. i make green smoothies with the veggies my kids won't eat...blend them with a bit of apple juice and they get it all! :)

    I've made some really great cabbage soup in the past! Which recipie are you using?

  3. Thanks for the idea about the smoothie. I'm not sure if I could get past the mental idea of all of those veggies mixed together.

    The soup is called fat burning soup. It has 6 large onions, 2 cans of tomatoes (ugh!), 1 large head cabbage (UGH!!), 2 green peppers, 1 bunch celery (ugh).

    There are three things that I don't like, one of which I really don't like. I don't think I'd be able to choke that down under any circumstances.

    I've done this before without the soup and lost weight. Even if I don't lose this time, I still think I need to shake up my system. Eating ice cream & cake to do that isn't an option anymore!!