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Friday, March 25, 2011

Excess Skin

This is one of those things that hardly anyone ever mentions, but it is a reality for most of us I feel certain. That is excess skin. My problem is the 'apron' skin. I carried a lot of weight in my belly. Some in my back side, but mostly in my belly. I looked pregnant and was asked more than once about my delicate condition. Now that I'm nearing the 100 lbs gone mark, my belly has diminshed greatly. I now have a flap of skin that hangs down from my waist and folds over at the top of my legs. It is, in a word, gross. It is uncomfortable. I have taken to wearing control top undergarments to keep thing in place. It works well and I'll continue that practice until I get to my goal. Then I'm almost certain that I'll have surgery to fix that little problem. My body will literally bear the scars of obesity for the rest of my life. That's OK, if that keeps me from regaining.

I'm not upset about it. In fact, I look at it as sort of a badge of honor. I can look down and see how far I've come. So, why do I mention it? Because it is reality. Because people need to know that losing the excess pounds through diet and exercise is only part of the puzzle. Because reaching a certain number on the scale does not create a sudden utopia. When I wake up in the morning and I weigh 145 lbs, I'll still have to make up the bed when I get up. I'll still have to wipe crumbs from the counter. I'll still have to do laundry. I'm pretty sure that I'll still have morning breath.

Get the picture? Life will still be life. I don't mean to diminish the benefits of weight loss. They're great and I'm already reaping some of them. But, I think for too many, there is this idea that once the weight comes off life will be perfect. When it isn't we give up and regain. I personally, am trying to adjust my expectations. When I get to my goal weight, I'll celebrate for sure, but life will go on as usual. As much as I'd like to think that the whole world will stand up and applaud, I know it won't. I do know that my family & friends will and really that is enough. I'll get up, make the bed, and brush my teeth, but I might take the day off from wiping the counter tops and laundry!


  1. Yep. I got a pannus, too. I've lost 83 lbs, and I've got a long way to go yet to not be overweight anymore...and I know I will likely need a tummy tuck. My batwings are icky, too, but, I dunno...I may just live with that. Hate the thigh crepe paper/crinkly/elephant skin (inner thigh), but again, may just live with that. But the belly one (I'm an apple so carry most fat in torso) will be very vexing, I foresee.

    I posted pics on my blog day before yesteday in a tight grey capri that showed my pannus...and I've talkeda bout my fear of sagging skin before I seriously got into losing. Lots of us fear it and it's a stumbling block. Now, I just wanna get healthy and will worry about skin issues in the bye and bye....

    I love those folks who have addressed it, taken Fabulous Kate....they're jsut being honest and it's a cautionary thing fo thsoe not yet obese. DO NOT GAIN WEIGHT, I tell them, or you'll have "ill-fitting" skin afterwards. It doesn't snap back for most of us.

    But health and energy and better quality of life matters more...I think, anyway. :)

  2. Hi! I'm a new reader! I love the way you are looking at this. It most certainly is something to be proud of! Losing 100 pounds is INCREDIBLE and no easy feat. I always thought of my stretch marks from pregnancy the same way :) You have a great attitude!

  3. I am proud to read you see it as a badge of honor. I have a long way to go to lose 100 pounds, and that loose skin thing is a scary thought. This really encouraged me!

  4. Indeed, a badge of honor you have there. Starting to have my own badge. Some day I will have it removed, but I need to make the badge bigger yet.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. so very true but i will stand up and applaud you NOW, BRAVO!!!! you're an inspiration and i'm glad we've "met"!

  6. Great post my Friend!! I will have surgery when I'm at goal weight. Tummy and boobs! Always carried my weight in both places - never been normal. Can't wait to get this done. I have 60 pounds to go!!

    Keep up the great work!!

  7. My mother had her tummy done and she LOVED it. It was tough and she does have a scar, but it's nothing compared to not being able to feel feminine and sexy now that she's thin. You go girl! Hang in there and get it done when you are ready. Consider the scar not a battle scar from weight gain, but a reminder of all the healthy things you did for yourself to get down to the size you are (or will be). It's a positive, not a negative!