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Sunday, March 6, 2011

No PreCheating

I'm getting back into my normal routine after the all day planning meeting with the board yesterday.  As I blogged about last week, I was concerned about the food offerings and the few choices that would be available.  I had a notion of what was to be served and come up with a bit of a game plan. 

So...Friday night as I was contemplating the next day I began an epic battle in my mind.  The Little Voice was there taunting me and The Voice of Truth was battling back.  The thoughts went something like this:

TLV:  "You might as well eat tonight since you have no choices tomorrow."
TVoT:  "What has that got to do with it?  If anything, you should cut back tonight to make up for potential issues tomorrow."

TLV:  "If they have cookies tomorrow you can eat a peanut butter one because they have protein."
TVoT:  "Are you nuts?  They also have white flour & sugar."
TLV:  "So does the bread on those sandwiches that they're serving for lunch"
TVoT:  "I'm not planning to eat the bread if I can help it."

TLV: "Remember those Girl Scout Cookies in the freezer?  Eat them now.  You have a good excuse."
TVoT:  "How about taking those cookies to the function?"
TLV:  "Now you're the crazy one.  No one is eating those cookies besides me!!!  Besides there isn't enough to go around."
TVoT:  "OK, OK, calm down."

Even though, I did not take the cookies to the function, I did take fruit.  In fact, I wondered why I hadn't thought of that before.  We car pooled to the site which was about an hour from the office.  As we were getting in the van, I felt it necessary to explain my extra bag, so I said I'd brought some grapes & oranges to share.  One of the other women had made muffins to share and several had brought their own snacks.  So, I didn't feel at all concerned about walking in with my bag.

For breakfast there was an assortment of carbs like muffins & donuts.  I'd eaten my Ezekiel bread toast, so I was fine skipping the whole buffet, since I'm not a coffee drinker, I really had no reason to be over there.

For lunch they'd ordered sub sandwiches and four salads just in case anyone wanted one of those instead!  I was so happy to see that ice burg lettuce.  The salad amounted to a fairly large amount of ice burg lettuce, maybe two spinach leaves, and some deli ham & turkey.  I think it was supposed to be a chef salad.  There were no tomatoes which made me happy and I skipped the salad dressing because I'm really not a fan.  As I was walking back to the table to eat, I could feel a little smile on my face as I realized I was glad that I had not pre-cheated.

There was also bottled water in abundance, so I chugged plenty of that.  (I also positioned myself in the room where I could slip out to the restroom!) 

When I got home after nearly a 12 hour day, I was tired and 65MD offered to just go out, so as to make it easy on myself.  I thought that was not really the easy way out and there was an abundance of good food, easily prepared right in my kitchen.  I chose to do that.  Overall it was a good eating day.  I went to bed, happy with my choices for the day.  It was a good feeling.

BTW, I shared the grapes & oranges, and everyone was glad I brought them.  In fact, I didn't bring any home.  I like it when that happens too.


  1. Lori, You did so great. I remember how I dreaded those all-day things even when I wasn't trying to lose weight. It's just hard to sit still all day and maintain concentration. The stress doubles if you are having to present or defend anything. I'm glad it's over for you. Hope you had a totally relaxing day today.

  2. I love it when we stop rationalizing! It's so empowering ;)

  3. Good for you! Loved that little dialogue you shared:)