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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Enough Already!

So, I've had enough of this introspection.  It is time to move forward, and if it can be done with a little levity, all the better.  With that in mind, this is what happened at our house last night...

Yesterday 65MD decided to go to the thrift store for some pants. He felt like he needed a few pair of dress pants to supplement his summer wardrobe. He walked in to the store wearing a pair of slacks sized ##, so he went to that rack and selected a few pair to try. They were all too small. He went up a size and tried again, and again they were too small. He continued this practice until in great frustration he purchased a pair that was labeled to be a full 6 inches larger than the tag in the pants he was currently wearing. He was fit to be tied to say the least! All evening I heard about it. I am not without sympathy, but at the same time I found it funny...OK...hilarious. I calmed myself enough to explain that vanity sizing even happened with men's clothing. I even named a large retailer noted for such practices, and told him about my idea to have the year put in clothes along with the size. I reminded him of the size 14 dress. He was still convinced that the earth had shifted on its axis. 

Finally, I had him bring me both pairs of pants and a tape measure. I measured his waist . Then I took the 'new' pants to measure that waistband. I immediately recognized that they had been altered. At least two inches had been taken up in the waist. It made more sense and was in line with the measurement I had just taken. Then I looked at the 'old' pants. The tag in them was from the retailer that I had mentioned earlier. That made it all the funnier, and added to my credibility. I measured the waist band and it was off by about three inches. He grew a bit, the 'old' pants lied about being smaller and the tag for the 'new' ones had the original,non-altered size in them. We solved the mystery and were able to relax a bit after that.

It felt good to relax and enjoy life!  I'm still looking for mantras if anyone has one...


  1. And women always get blamed for being drama queens.........I've known some men who can make a theatrical production over a non-event. I believe I'm married to one!! Laughter is so good for the soul!

  2. Coming out of lurker/stalker mode to share my 'mantra'... :)

    "If you 'kinda' do it, then it 'kinda' works.

    "If you 'really' do it, then it 'REALLY' works."