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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hard Times

 The past couple of days have been very hard for me, emotionally.  I love this time of year and generally seeing all of the signs of spring and rebirth in nature really speaks to my heart.  I love the renewal and the sense of new beginnings.

But not the past few days.  Since about Wednesday I've been hanging on to my composure by a thread and a mighty weak one at that.  I am on the verge of tears all the time.  There is no good reason why.   I'm giving myself horrible messages about what a fraud and failure I am.  And not just in weight loss either, in just about every aspect of my life.

It is taking all of my emotional energy to keep from bursting in to tears or a rage, so forget about eating right and exercising.  I've got to get control over this situation fast!!  For today, I'm trying to recognize those mean and nasty things I'm telling myself, and stopping them.  I've tried turning them in to positives, but I'm not yet believing those statements yet.

Hormones?  Maybe.  I almost hope so.  At least that would give me a reason for such uncharacteristic behavior, particularly since I can't identify the trigger.  I'm hanging in there as best I can, and I'll hope for a better week next week.


  1. ((( hugs ))) So sorry to hear of your difficulties. My advice would be to keep an eye on it, try to get some extra sleep, maybe spend some time quietly with some restful music - just take some time for YOU. I know that's hard, but you need to look after YOU. If things don't improve, make sure you see a doctor. I've gone through this before and it can be a slippery slope down. I think it's hormones w/ me also - in perimenopause.

  2. fake it till you make it, I agree. I did that for a long time, eventually it kicked in. good luck, hope you feel better soon. :D

  3. i'm sorry you're havin a bad go of it. i hope i'm not bein presumptuious but here are a few things you might try. meditation can work wonders, yoga also can be a stress relief, and burning sage will cleanse the negativity. you also might try to do a system cleanse. things are never as bad as they seem, try to focus on the blessings in your life. i wake up every day and tell myself it's gonna be a great day and you know what even if i don't always believe it i keep telling myself till the lie becomes the truth! good luck hon!