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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Scale Says...

I had every intention of resuming my "Saturday Scale Says" reports yesterday.  I think the accountability will help between now and the beach trip.  I didn't do it because I had such a big response to the excess skin entry.  I decided to leave it as the top post for a little while longer so that more folks got to see it first thing without scrolling down.  I know that not everyone is like me and has to read every word of every blog.  I'm calling it my transfer addiction and I'm going with it.  :-)

Funny thing though, is that I almost didn't publish that post.  I wrote it early in the week and held on to it.  I had debated all week about deleting or publishing.  Clearly, publishing won, and by the response I'm glad I did it.  The tipping point was my 'keeping it real' idea of this whole blog.  I try very hard to be a positive person.  I think it is paramount for mental health, just like exercise for physical health.  Even in the worst times, I try to find one positive and focus on that.  I think I've done that with this blog as well.

The problem arises when those difficult times are not mentioned.  It leaves the impression that everything is sunshine and roses, puppies and kittens.  That's just not so.  I also know that no one wants to read about all the minutiae of my life, not even me!  So, I try to pull out the parts that are of interest, humorous or most on my mind.  Often times, I'll read another blog and the entry will be something I've been pondering for a while, and it makes me feel so good that I'm not alone.  Apparently,  I struck that chord with the excess skin post.  I'm glad I could help, and pay back just a bit of what I've reaped.

And for the record, 
this morning's weight:  172.8
pounds lost forever:      81.6
pounds to goal:             27.8
days to beach:               16

Keep it real folks!!

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  1. you inspire me every single day hon, and thanks for the comments makes the world of weight loss a little less lonely! you ROCK! xoxoxoxoxo