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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Best of Intentions

Today we had a baby shower for a sweet, sweet coworker.  I was happy to be asked to participate.  I made a coconut cake.  The Mom to be asked for a one.  I used the old recipe that grandmothers have used for ages where the cake marinates in the creamy coconut 'frosting' for three days.  The cake could not have turned out better.  I was pleased.
I came to work this morning without a worry as to if I'd eat any cake or not.  I wasn't.  I was going to serve cake.  Besides I could make myself another cake any old time I wanted to.  This was a gift to my coworker and her friends.  And, I did not eat any cake.  Good for me.
Not so good for me however was the hot ham & cheese dip.  My body has not yet adjusted to central standard time.  My stomach thinks it is lunch time sometime about 10:00 to 10:30 these days.  The shower was at 11:00 but I got hungry closer to 10:00 than 10:30 today.  I slipped off and began to eat an apple before the festivities.  I only got about half of it down before I was needed for some last minute prep work.  It didn't do much to diminish my appetite.
I gladly sliced pieces of cake for everyone at the party.  I smiled and watched as person after person helped themselves to the various offerings there.  And my stomach was growling!  It was beginning to be embarrassing.  I finally justified a bite of the hot ham and cheese dip, by saying it was all protein.  That would have been fine if I were doing Dr. Atkins, but I'm not!
The little nibble only seemed to increase my appetite and I had more, and I went back to the well a third time.  That was all it took to calm my hunger and I managed to stop after three servings.  To be clear, the first serving was on a cracker.  The second and third servings were spoonfuls on a plate eaten with a fork!  I didn't want all those cracker carbs messing up my ham & cheese!!!
After indulging in the dip, I did not eat the rest of the apple or even my lunch.  I drank all of my water and I have my meal prepped at home for supper.  I feel like I'm firmly back in control of myself.  I know I won't be happy in the morning.  Hcg is very unforgiving.  I could be up as much as two pounds.  If that is the case, I'll just lose those two pounds right back and move on.
This afternoon, as all of us lamented our indulgences, we came up with a challenge for 2012.  During the year we are going to walk, run or ride 1000 miles.  It is a lofty goal.  We're all committed to doing everything we can to make it happen.  The one that started the challenge is going to make a chart to be put up in my office.  We'll log our miles on it to keep one another motivated. 
I think this is just what I need.  I need something new and fresh, and I need a plan to stay at my goal weight once I get there.  I intend to get there in 2012!


  1. sounds like you did pretty good and you should include your bloggy buddies in the challenge, i'll glady sign up if you decide to expand it beyond the office. but do NOT do it if it will add stress to your life! lolol xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I have a FitBit ( keeps tracks of steps/miles and few other stats (pedometer on steroids). It's really motivating and great support. I just thought I'd mention it because it would go perfect with your 2012 challenge.