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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Spoke Too Soon

So the other day when I mentioned that my body was responding well to the hcg, I was wrong. Monday morning when I weighed I had not lost any weight from the day before. On hcg this only happensthis early in the cycle when there is an error in the program. Towards the end of the six weeks it can happen, but not on the second week. I was a little surprised, but chalked it up to not drinking enough water on Sunday. Between church, fall fest, and trunk or treat, the water just wasn't happening. I did not sample any of the wares - no popcorn, no candy! I ate my last meal of the day a little later than usual as well. I thought perhaps the combination of those two things created a stall. Honestly, I didn't feel like either thing was cheating. I didn't feel bad about it at all.

Monday proceeded as usual. I was right back on track 100% including the water, with no problem. I was quite surprised then, this morning, when I registered a small gain. That just does not happen on hcg even at the end, if the dieter remains on the program. I have, with no variations. I'm disappointed. I had visions of having three such good weeks that I'd add a fourth just to drop a few more pounds before the holiday season.
I'm also a little fearful. I hope that this does not mean that my body is no longer going to respond to the hcg. It has been my best aid all along this journey and I'm not quite ready to give it up. Nor am I giving up. I'm doing an apple day today. It is part of the protocol for those little anomalies that occur towards the end of a round as I mentioned earlier. If my body is going to respond then I'll drop 2 or 3 pounds today and be back on track.

I've decided if I lose anything at all, I'll be glad and do my best to finish the three weeks. If I don't lose any weight, I'll just have to find another program. I'm still not quitting. I have two options in mind. I'll explore those later if need be.

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