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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Triple Threat

I had a hard weekend.  Weekends are hard for me since I am purposefully unscheduled, particularly on Saturdays.  I like to sleep late.  Between that and various errands and chores, my eating schedule often gets messed up.  This Saturday was no exception.  At least I got all my water down.

Transitions are also difficult for me.  I don't know why when I am moving from the hcg to another plan, I start thinking that I should eat this or that before I get in the swing of the new plan.  Since I'm moving to the cleanse at the recommendation of the hcg rep I spoke to on Friday, I spent the weekend at war with myself over what and how much to eat.

Finally, I had some stress with my living situation.  The details are not important.  It involves 65MD's son and I promised myself that I would not turn this blog in to a rant-fest with regard to that whole situation.

So, last night I fixed and ate pancakes.  I knew when I made them that it was not the best choice.  I had the internal conversation about how this was not going to make anything better.  I acknowledged that I would be sorry in the morning. But dad-gum-it, I was having those pancakes.  I made a batch and sat down with a full plate fully prepared to eat every bite.  After about 5 bites, I wasn't enjoying them quite as much, but I was determined.  (Why oh why can't I have that type of determination on the stair stepper!!!)  I ate almost half and finally came to my senses.  I offered the rest to 65MD, who didn't want them, so I tossed them.

This morning, my weight was up.  I know why, and I know what to do about it.  So, I'm doing it today.  I think by next weekend, I'll be in the groove of the cleanse, and it won't be so hard.  I sure hope so!


  1. Ack - that is so hard! I found that I have to purposely plan my weekends or I fail. I did pretty well this past w/e except for my water intake. That is hard to get into the schedule - but I'm working on it!

    Have a successful day today and stay focused!

  2. You got the tools and know how to use them, don't let those pancakes win!

  3. I am certain there was time when every morsel of the pancakes would've been eaten whether you wanted them or not. In spite of the difficulties that still remain, I see much, much progress! Keep on with that determination.

  4. I agree w/ Sharon - look for progress. You've come a long way.
    My weekends (esp Saturday) are also less structured but I do plan a few things as far as my eating goes - writing it down (it's more painful to eat it all when I have to write it down) and sticking to a few consistents - for me it's my regular am cereal. Often I have my water in the bottles already so it's just a matter of grabbing a bottle -and I drink it w/ a straw - goes down VERY quickly! :) Just find what works for you.
    Sorry about the drama that you're dealing with - we could all use less drama/aka stress in our lives! ((( hugs )))

  5. i do the same thing and nothings ever as good as it is in my mind! lolol just keep on keepin on darlin you'll get there! xoxoxoxoxo