Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Doing Great!

I've been happily relishing family time, as a result I haven't posted as much as I like.  I want everyone to know that I am hale and hearty.  I have had a change of mindset that seems to have suddenly happened, although the truth is, it has taken a while.  That is I feel thin.  I feel like I'm at my goal weight.  It is almost as if these last few pounds are already gone.

I know, and have known all along, that my body perception is not an accurate reflection of reality.  Even though, my brain knows I still have quite a way to go to get to my goal weight, my heart is already there.  If I can keep it that way, I'll be fine.  I don't want to believe the not yet accurate perception of myself to the point that I stop trying to get to my goal weight.  At the same time, I said from day one that I was not going to get caught up in the numbers to the point that if I didn't reach a magic number on the scale that I'd consider myself a failure.  I think I've gotten there!

It is a delicate balance to be sure.  I'm going to have to remain diligent, especially during this time of overindulgence that the holidays bring.  I feel good.  I feel like I can do it. 

I think the tipping point came during the shopping experience I described in my last post.  Seeing myself in the mirror in only my bra from the waist up was not/is not the way I generally see myself.  I am either wearing a bathrobe or clothes when I see myself in the mirror the vast majority of the time.  The only other time I see myself in the mirror, I am completely naked before a bath or shower.  Believe me, I avoid that!  When that happens,  seeing myself totally nude, I only see the belly flab skin that hangs down now.  At the store, that was covered. 

At the store, I saw the best parts of myself.  Now, that image is burned in my brain.  Now, I am consciously, purposefully remembering that image.  This isn't an ego thing, or a conceit thing.  It is a very pleasant, happy reality.  I need that.  I need to replace those negative body images with positive, and thankfully real, ones. 

I think this is key.  I think this is the missing link for which I have searched for nearly three years now.  I believe things like this happen when they are supposed to.  I don't lament the time as lost.  There were other important lessons I was learning.  At this time, this is my lesson.  I am learning.  I am happy to learn!


  1. What a lovely post! I, too have found a renewed enthusiasm and am happily clicking along so let's hold each other accountable and on January 1, look back and tell ourselves what a great job we did over the holidays!

  2. I do a body check naked every morning. Front and back (I use a mirror to see the back, natch). I look and I tell myself positive things. I accept the hanging/saggy/crinkly consequences of having been morbidly obese, and then I compliment the good things my hard work got me--smaller waist, nice legs, my hands are pretty again, I can see A NECK, after decades of fat covering it up. I look at myself, give myself the thumbs up, and move on with some good supportive lingerie and on with my day.

    But that naked mirror check is my daily grounding. Good and bad..and the acceptance.

    I take pics and post them on my blog for the same reason. TO SEE the feel thankful and accept the body that, imperfect as it is, is the only on I've got. :D

    I'm also at a weird place of heart acceptance, though 20 lbs from goal. I'm happy. But I'm not gonna get totally complacent. Not yet.

    On we go. Progress and's a journey.

  3. WONDERFUL! so glad you're lovin you and you ARE perfect now and always. you'll get to your goal without a doubt and the trials and tribulations as well as triumphs will have taught you the lessons needed to succeed in the long term. BRAVO! xoxoxoxoxoxo