Total Weight Loss

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Victory Thursday

My biggest victory of the week was the fact that even after my indulgence on Tuesday, I got right back in the groove.  It wasn't easy, but it was a huge change of mindset for me.  I was a champion of starting over again on Monday.  But not now.  This time I started over again Tuesday afternoon.  Wednesday was a bit of a challenge because I kept thinking about the dip.  Since there was no more, it wasn't an epic battle just a minor annoyance.

Related to that, I lost 1.2 pounds this morning.  That leaves 0.8 to get back to the pre-dip weight.  I'm not worried about it.  It will come off.  I'm more concerned about the remaining 30! :-)

The last victory I'll point out is, I've noticed that I can see my feet when I walk.  I don't know how long it has been that way, but i just noticed it in the last few weeks.  This week I've become quite fascinated with that fact and have been walking with my head down watching my feet.  I've nearly bumped in to people a couple of times because I'm not watching where I'm going!!!

For those of you joining me, Timothy and my friends IRL on the 1000 mile challenge for 2012, we decided that all the miles accumulated between December 25 and 31 count for 2012.  We think that will be motivation because it can be very hard to exercise that week.


  1. i'm gonna count the steps i take backing AWAY from the cristmas cookies too! lmao

  2. So funny the things we notice. Lately I've been excited about being able to sit in my car and my belly is a long ways from the steering wheel. I used to wear my clothes out in that area. I'd have little ridges where the fabric rubbed each time I turned. SO glad that does not happen anymore!!!

    Keep focused ~ You've got this!!!