Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Odds & Ends

Just a quick catch up post answering questions left in comments and the consequences of my choices yesterday.

First the consequences -
I gained 1.6 pounds wiping out my loss for the week.  I think that a lot of it is water retention caused by the sodium in the ham.  My hands feel a little puffy, too.  I expect that most of it will be gone in the morning if that is the true case.  Also, my stomach has been just a little upset this morning; perhaps from the fat in the cheese?  IDK.  I'll report again tomorrow so we'll all know if this is water or not.

Now the response to comments & questions -
On November 5 Joy asked what protein drinks I was planning to use.  I am planning to use Xocia. They are dark chocolate meal replacement drinks.  I did this last year and it seemed to help navigate the party season. 

On that same post Holly asked what hcg was.  Hcg is a hormone that pregnant women create.  Some years ago a doctor in Italy (I think) discovered that the hormone combined with a very strict low calorie diet led to weight loss.  The hormone, when used properly suppresses the physical hunger in order to facilitate the very low calorie diet.  The hormone requires a prescription.  It is injected daily for six weeks.  The recommendation is that the hormone only be used for that time period so as not to develop an immunity.  The prescription is quite expensive.  There oral hcg drops that are purported to be identical to the actual hormone and are much cheaper.

Finally, Timothy suggested yesterday that my blog friends be included in the challenge.  By all means, join in if you want to participate.  We can report our mileage each week on Monday and call it "Monday Mileage" since I'm such a fan of alliteration.  Who's in?

Thanks for reading and supporting me.  2012 is the year I get to goal.  I feel it!


  1. me too! WOOT! and i am sooooooooo very in on the walking/running/riding/crawling by golly if i have to challenge! are we starting on jan 1? i'm gonna by a "special" notebook just to log my miles daily and i think a pedomater (spellcheck? lol) just to see how many steps i take (a friend is in the midst of a million step challenge which sounds daunting to say the least!) i'm getting excited i get to "play" with lori YEAH! (jumping in air clapping hands maniacally!!!) lolol have a glorious day darlin! xoxoxoxo

  2. Timothy,
    I'm training now because I'm excited about it and don't want to wait. That, and the fact that I'll have to walk nearly 3 miles per day EVERY day to make it happen.

    I'm getting a pedometer too, or maybe a fitbit.

  3. a fitbit? never heard of it, technology is my kriptonite, i'll look it up!