Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Super Day!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was an incredible day food wise.  I stayed 100% on plan with no problems.  No mental battles, no problems of any type. I was surprised when I looked at the clock yesterday afternoon and saw it was 4:00.  I didn't have the afternoon call to food.  I chugged my water and rewarded myself with a diet cherry limeade.  The scales rewarded me this morning with a loss, too.  If all the days were like yesterday, I'd be at goal in no time at all.  It was great.

Today, I am doing well too.  I'll layer day upon day until I get there.

Unfortunately, life at home is no better, in fact it is worse.  I am not letting it get me down.  I learned Sunday night that pancakes don't help.  LOL!!  Actually, I coped much better last night.  Maybe the good eating helped keep my head clear.

There could be big changes coming at work too.  I'm not at liberty to discuss those right now.  I have a calmness about that situation too.  I know that things will work out like they are meant to.  All I have to do is let it happen.

I'm in a good place now.  I'm going to work to keep myself in this place.  I like it here.


  1. good for you, control what you can and let everything else go! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I have really been thinking about you and your situation at home. Having never dealt with that type of circumstance, I can't begin to imagine the stress of walking a fine line. And home should be our place of refuge and quiet!! Work hard to make this a string of healthy eating on-plan days. When five becomes six, then seven, it'll start to get easier!!

  3. Awesome to see that, even though your situation has not changed, YOUR choices have!! I'm happy for you!