Total Weight Loss

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Amazing Salad

A couple of nights this week, I have had the most amazing salad for my evening meal. It has been so good that I have to wonder why I wasted all of that time thinking that I didn't like salads. I've had the opposite experience a time or two when I've craved something and then it wasn't nearly as good as my memory. Now, I've moved on to actually enjoying the food I'm eating now.

Early on I ate what I knew I had to eat to lose weight. I think that was fine for then. I had to break the stranglehold that food had over me. Going cold turkey ;-) was the right way to go for me. Food had to become fuel and only fuel, not a source of pleasure or entertainment. I never thought that down the road a way, I'd really like and want that food. I don't think I really ever thought about it. I think this is a huge step forward. Liking and wanting healthy food is a necessary part of maintenance. Keeping the weight off while wanting something other than nourishing, healthy food, would be nearly impossible. Maybe, just maybe, I'm experiencing some personal growth!!


  1. I want this!! I have to admit that veggies just aren't as tasty as some of the stuff I don't eat anymore:( BUT, the healthier I eat, the better certain things do taste. If that makes sense. So happy for your progress.

  2. woo hoo! love personal growth. and a chicken or shrimp cesar salad is one of my fave things EVER!

  3. I'm SO envious! Hope I get there some day, too! How long did it take you to get to the point where you want healthy food more than unhealthy food?