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Sunday, July 10, 2011


 I am better, and I'm confident that I'll be back to my old self by tomorrow.  I felt well enough to go to church this morning, and I only have one sore in my mouth that really bothers me.  I was glad I went for several reasons, but the one I'll share her is an unexpected NSV.

65MD was asked to run the sound board for the microphones this morning.  He'd had one lesson last week and was alone working the equipment this morning.  It wasn't that hard, but he was nervous so I agreed to sit with him.  I had a feeling it would be cold in there will all the electronic equipment and grabbed a sweater to wear.  I stopped in the kitchen to give the dog a treat on my way out and put the sweater down, and I didn't pick it back up.

I was right about the temperature.  It was freezing and I was wearing a short sleeved blouse.  I wasn't sure if I'd make it through the service.  Of course 65MD wasn't wearing a suit coat or sport coat that he could share, so I began to rummage around the area to see if I could fashion a blanket out of something.  I found a ladies' blazer.  It didn't appear to be dirty, have bugs crawling on it, or any other condition that might make it unusable.  Of course, I looked at the size, but it hardly mattered.  I was putting that thing on!!  The label read 10P.  I knew it would be tight, but it would at least cover my arms.

I got it on no problem and wore it through the entire service without any of the seams ripping out!!  It was small in that I could not button it, but I've worn tighter clothes.  When I was at my heaviest, I often wore blazers that were no where near buttoning.  Somehow I got the idea that it hid the fat.  Go figure!

While I won't be shopping for 10P clothes any time soon, it was just what I needed to realize that in spite of the set back last week, I'm still thinner than I was.  It could be that when I'm at my goal weight I'll actually wear a 10P!

As always, thanks for your kindness to me!!!

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  1. great confirmation! and glad you're feelin better hon! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo