Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Last night was book club night for my mother and me. It was a mini challenge eating-wise. I didn't mention it because generally, it hasn't been a problem. We meet every month. Each month we have a theme that goes along with the book. I eat if I can, and don't if I can't. The ladies know that, and only one makes an issue of it. 

It wasn't a problem last night either as far as the food was concerned. My mother doesn't drive at night, so I pick her up and take her home. By the time we meet, and I drive her to & from the meeting, there isn't a lot of time left for general household work and exercise, much less meditation. I had resolved to start yesterday after hearing the news report, so I opted to meditate rather than exercise. (Who is surprised by that!?!?)

I ran a nice tub of water and soaked for 10 minutes. It was harder than it sounds. My mind wanted to think of what I needed to do, or hadn't done. I figure by the time, I filtered out all the extraneous thoughts crowding in my mind, I got about 4 minutes of good, calm, quiet in. I felt a little better too. I felt good enough to try it again tonight.

Thanks for all the support yesterday. That made me feel better too. It is good to know that I am not alone.


  1. i've found hank wesselmens books very helpful in meditating. i especially enjoyed the directions in this one. see if you can get it at the library (free is good!) before you spend any money on it (my "truth" might be different than yours)

  2. For sure, you are not alone. You are one busy girl. Not sure I could handle a book club. That finger food/appetizer type stuff is a surefire danger zone for me. Good job!!

  3. Kind of sounds dreamy. I need to try it. I have noticed that while I pray, I get distracted with so many ideas and things I need to do. What I do now is keep a pad of paper and a pen ready and when the thoughts come, I just write them down. It takes only a couple of seconds and then the ideas are kind of released from me and I can continue on praying. Maybe that would help with meditation. Of here's something my Hubby's doctor told him to do because he frets at night. He told him to write his ideas and thoughts down prior to going to bed and when he is in bed trying to sleep and those thoughts come back to him, he tells himself that he's already thought of that, or worried about that and it's now time for sleep. You could do that with the meditation.

    Stay focused!!