Total Weight Loss

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Apologies to Sonic

Dear Sonic,
I am sorry that you had to take popcorn chicken off of your menu.  I am sure that the sales dropped too dramatically for that product to remain on the menu after I swore them off. 

I've tried to make up by purchasing diet cherry limeade several times a week.  The cost was getting to be a bit for me even during happy hour, so I've learned to make my own.  It is quite good.

I hope you don't go out of business because of me, but I won't be by nearly as often anymore.


  1. lololololol yeah hardees is facing bankruptcy because i gave up biscuits, i used to get 6 at a time.......what was i thinking????

  2. LOL That is so funny. Never really thought how our new life style might be effecting others. Well too bad for them!!

    Keep up the great work my Friend!!!

    You crack me up!

    Stay focused!

  3. LOL, I should put the chocolate covered jujubes company out of business now that I've sworn off of those... We have SUCH impact!