Total Weight Loss

Friday, July 1, 2011


I am a planner.  Big surprise, huh?  It goes hand in had with being a perfectionist and accountant I think.  I like this trait about myself.  I feel comfortable with a plan.  I perceive that I get more done if I have a list.  That way I can stay focused on the task at hand without getting distracted about everything else that I have to do.  The odd thing for me is, that if my plans don't work out, I don't get in a tizzy over it.  I just think something along the lines that my plans just weren't meant to be.
Most days I get up in the morning with a plan for what I'm going to do at work that day, and one for what I'm going to do at home.  If I'm able accomplish my plan at work, I feel like a superstar.  If I don't, I know that there is always tomorrow to try again.  Same with my home plans.  I'm trying to figure out how I can translate that attitude towards goal setting, since a 'to do' list is a goal of what to accomplish that day.  I'm just calling it a plan rather than a goal.
Even though I know I'm not to the root of the whole perfectionism thing, I'm still trying to deal with the 'symptoms' and as such I've decided to label my goals as plans.  My plan for the month of July is to eat low carb for the first three weeks beginning tomorrow.  That's in line with my idea to switch back and forth already.  I plan to lose as much weight as possible during those three weeks.  It could be three pounds. It could be more. It could be less.
Then my plan is to switch back to hcg.  I'll do that for three weeks or maybe four.  It depends on how much weight I lose.  After 6  or 7 weeks, I plan to be a lot closer to my goal than I am now. If I lose just the average of 2 pounds per week, that will be 12 to 14 pounds gone and only 7 or even 5 pounds from my goal!  I really, really want to get as close to my goal as possible in the next 6 or 7 weeks because my birthday is just 8 weeks away.  It would be a wonderful birthday gift to myself to be at my goal weight by then.  
The old me wants to make it my goal to lose 0.50 0.34  pounds per day between now and August 25.  So that I can make it to my goal weight by then.  Instead, the new me is making it my plan to stick to my eating and exercise parameters between now and then and be grateful for whatever loss I have between now and then.  That's my plan!


  1. :D sounds excellent to me. :D Deb

  2. I know what you mean! I like to have plan too. But now that I am training for a half marathon I have decided to be happy with whatever number the scale gives me and to focus on my training. Its very hard for me to do this but I am working on it!


  3. i think it's a WONDERFUL doable plan! i myself am a list MONSTER/ i make lists for everything. chores, goals, dvd releases, books, classes i want.........shoot i was compiling a list of well known actors who appeared in tv shows as extras before they were famos (my idea of fun! lol) i think the new attitude is great.......ooooh oooooh ooooooh ooooooh i got a new attitude! feeling good from my head to my shoes.......could be your theme song!

  4. The last paragraph was my favorite. Plans are great and I'd be lost without one, BUT I have always found that the closer I get to my goal weight, the slower I lose. By the last 10 pounds, I was lucky to lose .34 pounds per WEEK, much less day. Maybe you are different and you are younger than me, but be prepared if it should happen and don't become discouraged.