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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What is it about Weekends?

I don't know what happens on weekends, but I have a long pattern of weight loss stalls over the weekend.  I'll do great during the week.  I'll register a loss of some amount every day just about.  On the weekends - stall, or worse yet small gains. 

I've struggled and struggled to determine why.  I'm out of my super structured routine that rules my Monday through Friday life.  I sleep in a little on Saturdays and try very hard not to schedule too many things to do on the weekends.  I relish the freedom from a schedule.  Why in the world does this have a negative impact on weight loss?

I know for sure I get in all my water and then some because I measure it just like during the week.  I get plenty of exercise because besides my regular work out, I do a lot of household chores, walk in the grocery store, etc.  My day to day job is behind a desk.   I still weigh/measure everything I eat.  I stay on plan. Hmmm....

Needless to say, I approached this three day weekend with a bit of trepidation.  I had no celebrations to attend this weekend for which I was grateful.  I worked hard, paying extra attention to everything that I did, ate & drank.

First the bad news; I gained 6 pounds.  The only thing that I have come up with is that I had more sodium and carbonation than usual.  I think both things tend to make me hold water.  I ate a few dill pickles and drank a Sprite Zero with some diet cherry cola mixed in trying to make my own diet cherry limeade.  (It was better than Sonic!)

Clearly gaining 6 pounds in 3 days is not due to overindulgence.  I did not binge at all, especially not on that many calories.  I did have some chocolate covered cranberries last night because I knew I was going to register a gain and decided I wanted to make it worth it!!  I haven't had that kind of twisted thinking in a while.  I'm not upset about it.  Life happens. 

Anyway, I think the 6 lbs should roll right back off in 3 days and if so, I'll have the answer.  If not, I'll have some more thinking to do to figure out this weekend puzzle.  I'm not planning to work forever!  I must get to the bottom of this.


  1. Were you outside in the heat alot? I'm finding myself holding onto more water lately...Ugh. KOKO, you'll get back into your groove!
    ((( hugs )))

  2. Certainly its water weight. It will come off quickly.


  3. Dawn,
    I was out in the heat a lot. My mother's car broke down & I was out for several hours in the hottest part of the day Sunday. I wondered if the stress of the whole thing had a negative impact on my weight, but I never thought about the heat itself. You might be on to something!

  4. There is something about weekends! I'm sure you did not really "gain" that much. It would be a boat-load of calories! Here's to thinking it will come off fast.

  5. it's probably all water weight so just cut the sodium to nill and drink extra water to flush it out

  6. I do the same thing. So frustrating. For me, it's sodium, stress and fatigue! I find that I'm trying to fit in too much and over load my days and I have foods out of my norm. Not too many calories, usually, just different kinds of food. I am finding if I relax, by Monday or Tuesday, I'm back down and lose a little more the next week.

    Keep focused!!!