Total Weight Loss

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Few Things

One:  This morning the scales said 172.4!  YIKES!  I wasn't expecting that.  I know that I've been slipping in the exercise area and I've been eating more fruit.  It is hard not to when it is so sweet and fresh this time of year.  So once again, I am committing to exercise more regularly and for an undetermined amount of time, I'm cutting out the fruit.  I'll add one back per day until I figure out my limit.  (Sort of like the old Dr. Atkins only this time with fruit.)

Two:  The water here is gross.  It happens almost every summer.  The rains slow and the water table shrinks so that the water starts tasting like dirt.  Our elected officials are assuring is that the water is safe to drink, but who wants to.  It hurts my heart to buy bottled water when we have a great filtration system at home.  It isn't enough to cut that dirt taste out.  For now, I'm adding lemon to mask the taste.  If that doesn't work, I'll have to loosen the purse strings and buy water for a while.

Three:  I'll try to remember to blog about the challenge ahead and the coping mechanism I'll use.  Maybe that will help me stay actually do it!  A week from today is my family reunion.  There will be food galore there and most of it good home made stuff.  I am a sucker for that.  There should be plenty of low carb options however.  I'll eat a hamburger without the bun some green beans, which I'm taking, and any other low carb/carb free vegetables I find.  I don't think that will be very hard.  My family knows of my weight loss efforts and are hugely supportive.  They won't try to force anything on me.  A week from tomorrow, we have a going away potluck for some long time members of our church.  I'm not sure how long but 30+ at least.  It is a pot luck so I don't know quite how I'll handle that, other than taking something I know I can eat.  The servers are already in place, so my default plan of serving probably won't work this time.  It is a little more than a week away, so I have a little time to plan for that.

Four:  Have a great Saturday everyone!


  1. have you tried filling gallon jugs leaving the top off for a day of two then running thorugh a brita or pouring off the top 2/3 to use? and drink a big glass of water 1/2 hour BEFORE that potluck. you've got this and i'm stating the obvious but i figured you could use a cheerleader (plus i'm cute waving pom-poms! LOLOL)

  2. I have not tried filling gallon jugs...I'm going to go do that right now.

    I will for sure, drink up before both pot lucks.


  3. I've had a hard time with the great fruit too. I finally decided that I'd eat it for a meal so I didn't have to cut it out. For dinner most nights I am having strawberries with cottage cheese. But I did debate not buying any more:( Makes me sad that I can't control something like this. I mean, really, cookies are one thing... but berries!!

  4. Afraid I'm not much with encouragement today. I'm struggling with attitude. We have this wonderful party tomorrow at our home and bottom line is, I just want to eat and enjoy. I'm so tired of ALWAYS having to worry about the food. I hate that you can't enjoy good healthy fruit as much as you want while it's so good.

    Boy, that was a pity party wasn't it? Oh well, at least we're in it together and have a place to go when things are tough. Don't sweat the gain - it'll come off.

  5. To me, I hate not looking forward to stuff because of food. My Dr said it plan ahead as far as giving yourself permission to eat what is there, but a much smaller portion. I like that kind of planning... lol

  6. Hi Friend, I'm with you on the fruit thing. I love it! I say, enjoy a little of it while you can!

    Eating events are difficult. I tried on my vacation to do the right thing and for the most part I did, but found it very difficult. Just enjoy and when the events are over, get back to it. That's what I've done and I have already lost a pound of the 1.8 pounds I gained while away on vacation.

    Keep up the great work and stay focused!