Total Weight Loss

Saturday, July 16, 2011


 I just try to cram too much stuff in to Saturdays.  Most of it is due to working during the week, and only having the weekend to do most of my running around. Part of it is being very stingy with my Sundays.  I try not to ever let anything disturb my day of rest.  This weekend I had the added joy of having a bushel of cucumbers fresh from my uncles garden.  So, in between all the other stuff I had planned.  I've been making pickles.  YUM!!!

I also spent a couple of hours shopping with my mother.  We don't get to do that enough.  I feel close enough to my final goal now, that I decided to do some fabric shopping.  More specifically pattern shopping.  I've had several pieces of fabric I've saved for the day that I was thin enough to use.  I'm close enough now to get started.  My mother volunteered to make some of the clothes for me too.  That is no small gesture.  She's sewn for me my whole life but now she has macular degeneration and can't see very well.  (She prefers to say that her eyes are tired.)  I'm grateful she's willing to tire her eyes for me.

So here I am at 7:00 pm finally getting around to posting my weight for the week.  I'm doing this instead of laundry!  This morning I weighed 167.2.  That is a mere 12.8 pounds away from 100 lbs gone.  That is my next goal and it is so very close.  Only 22.2 from my ultimate goal.  And, I'll have some cute new handmade clothes to celebrate.


  1. wonderful clothes hand made are so special. my mama used to make most of my clothes it's like being wrapped in love ( coat of many colors comes to mind) i have a quilt my grandma made sometimes i just wrap myself in it so i feel closer to her. it's like a hug from the other side. and BRAVO for the loss! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Love the upbeat spirit I hear in this post. You are so close! Can't wait to celebrate with you.