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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back to Life, Back to Reality...

J-boy had a conference in Orlando last week.  Of course, I tagged along.  While I'm away, I really enjoy being completely unscheduled, or as unscheduled as possible, so I hardly even check my cell phone for messages.  I need that solitude to recharge.  So, I checked out of blogging for a while too.

I tried hard not to check out of good eating, but that was a little harder.  I'm expecting about a 3 lb gain from the trip.  Even though I had some successes that I'll list below, I struggled the most with portion control.  It was hard for me to leave food on the plate, even when my stomach was signaling satiety.  Even so, there was a level of awareness there that had not been before.  I'm counting that as a victory too. 

I am most proud of the fact that I exercised every single day except the travel days.  The resort had a 'fitness center' which consisted of three bikes, two of which were recumbent, two treadmills and a stair climber that must have been missing a piece because I never could make it work.  It was facing the mirror and I don't like watching myself exercise, so I didn't seek help.  Instead I watched reruns of The Golden Girls and happily pedaled away on one of the recumbent bikes.  It was a good thing.  I didn't have to berate myself in to it at all.

We chose not to rent a car after flying in to Orlando.  The conference was taking place in the resort, so we had no real reason to leave except to eat.  We walked, again without hesitation, to wherever we wanted to go.  There was no issue ever with sore muscles or achy feet. 

Finally, as we were standing in line to go through security to get home.  J-boy commented on how I really did not look anything like my driver's license photo.  I reminded him of how the guard did a triple take on the way to see my sister this summer.  (I thought I blogged about it, but I didn't see it to link here.)  We discussed briefly getting a new DL, and how some of my blog friends had similar discussions as well.

So, when it came my turn to hand over my ID and boarding pass I was not surprised by the looking back & forth.  I just about blurted out that I had lost a lot of weight.  Instead, he asked what my middle name was.  He tried to act as though he was just being friendly by making sure that I had a good southern name, which I do.  I, however, knew better and J-boy did too.  He didn't buy the witty banter either, and thinks that to be safe, next time we travel by air, I should have a current photo on my license!

Tomorrow, I plan to get back to my daily weigh in.  That really seems to help me stay on track.  I'll move forward from wherever I find myself and work towards my 4 goals.


  1. Hey, a NSV ... new picture. I'd be racing out to get one if I was you - lol.

    Way to go...exercising while holidaying. Another NSV. What a success!

    If you do gain...guess what, normal thin people put on a couple of pounds when they holiday and as soon as they come home swoosh...there they go, because they're right back at it - immediately. Congrats - you are awesome.

  2. You were missed, but glad you had a good time. Orlando is a great place to do that without going anywhere near any mouse ears!!

    After a week of eating out, if you've only gained three pounds, I think you've made huge amounts of progress. Most people would have used the week as an excuse to pig out and vowed to get back on track afterwards. You have come along way!! Good girl!

  3. Three lbs isnt so bad for vacation! It will come off when you are home and back on track. Eating out is tough for me but within a few days i can usually undo the damage by just getting back on track. :)


  4. It's good to be back with my blog buddies!! Thanks for the support. I've missed you.

  5. Hi Friend,

    Missed you!! I bet you're gonna do great with the weigh in. Great job with the exercising. It's kind of fun going some where else to exercise for a change!

    I really like the picture on my license. I know....I don't like pictures, but this one is pretty good. Still look like myself, but I'm 6 pounds lighter than it says on the DL. Who Hool!!

    Keep up the great work!


  6. HAHA--I love the reaction to picture ID! In mine I have REALLY long hair and a much bigger reality I now have really short hair and a much thinner face than when the ID was taken. I always get those double it just makes me feel good!