Total Weight Loss

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Scale Says

This morning's reading was 178.2.  Up 0.2 from yesterday...hmmm... I'm not worried since I know I was completely on plan.  I sort of expected to stay the same after that big loss yesterday.  This is almost the same thing as staying the same.  It is just a few ounces.  I'll be diligent about my water today and it should be gone tomorrow.  For the week I had a nice loss 4.4 lbs, which is even better considering that was my Monday morning weight.  I'm happy with that, and I'll keep moving forward from here.  Happy Saturday everyone!!


  1. excellent work! 4.4lbs loss for a week is great news!

  2. Hi my Friend,

    I would totally be happy with that. You're doing awesome!!

    Keep it up!!


  3. Hi Lori, you o.k.?? Hopefully, you are just busy!! Miss you!