Total Weight Loss

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day Eight Report and Clothes Shopping

This morning I weighed 180.2!! It was quite surprising considering my activity level and eating for the day. I think perhaps the popcorn had a little more salt than I am used to and I know I didn't get all of my water in, so I'm thinking the two combined lead to the jump. I'll know for sure in the morning if the weight is gone. I'm doing fine today, right on target with my food and water intake.

I want to tell you about shopping for blue jeans on Saturday. I think the whole thing is too funny!  Right now I have only one pair of blue jeans that are size 18. Admittedly they are too big, but they aren't ridiculous yet. I really haven't put much emphasis on my casual wardrobe since I spend most of my time is business attire. One pair of blue jeans and a pair of sweatpants has been plenty for me lately for around the house. That is until I got behind on laundry and both things were dirty.

I had to delay my Saturday activities outside of the house, while I was washing my blue jeans. Besides being dirty, they fit better right out of the dryer. (I would not have left the house in the sweats even if they were clean.) I wound up with a pair of J-boy's flannel pants on while the laundry was going. I had on a top that matched and house shoes. He asked if I was going shopping like that and I explained that I was waiting for the laundry to finish before I left. He said, "Good, I don't want you to wind up on one of those 'People of' websites." I feigned offense since the clothes were the same color scheme and the pants were even his, although I knew I looked rough.

One of the trips we had planned for the day was to the dollar store. They have recently added blue jeans to their inventory so J-boy suggested that I purchase I pair there. I agreed. They are inexpensive and if they don't hold up it really doesn't matter since I don't plan to wear them very long. The issue is the store does not have dressing rooms since they have not previously been needed. We knew this going in, so I measured my waist before we left and took the tape measure with me. My size 18 jeans are at least 10 years old, so I have no idea what that equates to in today's sizing world.

We got to the store and made all of our other selections first and then went to the blue jeans. I picked up a pair of 14's not really expecting them to be big enough. I measured the waist, and sure enough the figure was different from my waist. Then I realized my waist measurement was smaller, so I picked up some 12's and measured. They were closer but still more than an inch too big. So, I had J-boy measure. He got the same as me, and I was getting giddy. I was mentally preparing the post about buying a pair of size 10 jeans. I asked J-boy if he thought they'd fit because they looked so small. He held them up to me as if to measure the length!! They didn't look too small to him. I would have turned a cartwheel right there in the store if I knew how. I couldn't believe it. I was going from and 18 to a 10!!

The store manager came by at that point and kindly offered to open the restroom so that I could try on the pants. I took the 12's trying not to look to eager. They were too small.  Alas, I forgot about the ever lowering waist of women. My 10 year old jeans actually came up to what I'd always called my waist. My 10 year old jeans are now affectionately deemed "Mom Jeans", or "High Waisted." I've avoided the lowering waist because of my belly, fearing that once I sit, the belly fat will pop out and push the pants down.  Now I had to launch out and go with the low waist.

So, having my ego back down to normal size, I measured myself again at few inches below what I always thought was my waist and went back to the pants. I got 16's. I thought they were a little loose and J-boy thought they looked tight. Go figure. I sure am glad the store manager happend along and allowed me to try on the pants.  I probably would have bought the 10's done a post and then had to do a retraction! At least now, I won't have to wear his flannels! 


  1. This story is too funny! I think I'm a little surprised that your weight is fluctuating so much on this plan. Are you?

  2. Sharon,
    When I first weighed this morning I was shocked. My thoughts went immediately to the popcorn and had I forgotten anything I'd eaten. I finally decided that my body must just totally over-react to absolutely anything with a carbohydrate in it.

    So, I guess yes, I am surprised, but I hadn't put it with the protein drinks, yet.

    I can always count on you to keep me focused. I knew when I put down my goal to lose .5 per day, you'd set me straight if it was too much.

    I really appreciate that. Sometimes I get caught up in the math/graphs/statistics of it all that I actually forget about reality!!

  3. Don't you hate that waist thing! LOL! I just fooled myself the other day too...but then today I wiggled out of my 18s without unbuttoning! Guess I need get rid of them and wear the 16s at long last!

  4. Still, you went down a size so congrats! :)