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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Sorry to disappear without notice like that. Work suddenly got very intense and I've had several late nights. I think things are smoothing out now and I can get back to blogging like I should.

My weight this morning was 179.4. It is up a little mostly because exercise did not happen while I was so busy. I did pretty well with my eating, but I know that what I'm doing now just isn't working. I have 12 days to lose 6 lbs to reach goal number 1. That is not going to happen. Even through my rose colored glasses, I know better than that. I'm going to have to reset all my goals again, but what I need to do most of all is get with a program that works.

My basis for losing the weight all along has been switching between eating plans. I lost most of my weight switching between low carb and low calorie. That seems to have stopped working and I've floundered around for months now looking for the next great thing. I think now I've found it - protein shakes. It is an interesting story how I came to this decision.

On Sunday, I complimented a friend on slimming down. She said that I had inspired her to lose weight, and I was a little taken aback. I've been so embroiled in my own struggles, that I hadn't considered that there was anything about me that would be inspiring! She went on to share with me how she'd considered various programs before deciding on this particular plan. I was encouraging her saying that everyone had to find what worked for them. During the course of the conversation she mentioned how helpful it had been with regard to her allergies. Suddenly, I went from cheerleader to participant. Instead of encouraging her to continue with her chosen path, I started asking where she got the stuff! I needed it. I get five allergy shots every Monday, which is down from 5 shots Monday and 5 shots Thursday! If I could find the magic elixir that both aided weight loss and eliminated allergies, I'd be thrilled. Between our two schedules we can't get together until Saturday. Unless something really strange comes up, I'm in. I'm switching to the protein drinks for at least a month.

As for exercise, I've ordered a heart rate monitor/calorie counter to review. It is set to be delivered on or before October 26. I'm hoping that a new toy will motivate me to get moving again. Of course, I plan to work out between now & then but I'm hoping the monitor will make it more fun. It will be something else to track and graph on spreadsheets. :)

Once I get both things sorted out, I expect the scale to start racing south again. In the meantime, I have that doctor's appointment on horizon, and my goal is to lose as much weight as possible before then. I'll rethink my goals after I get the details on the protein drinks on Saturday.  I'm re-energized and ready to move forward!  Thanks for joining me and cheering me on.

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  1. please, please, please share the allergy relief! I'm getting the hives again--not fun!

    Bonus if it works for the weight too!