Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day Two Report

Yesterday completed two full days on the drinks. This morning I weighed 181.6, down a full pound from yesterday and 1.4 overall. Last night I put a bunch (1 cup?) of frozen strawberries in with the powder. It was like chocolate covered strawberry ice cream, YUM!

The strangest thing is, I could not eat it all!! Not quite half way through, I really felt like I'd had plenty. I kept eating because I thought I needed the nutrients since it was a meal replacement. I ate a few more bites, and then decided to take my chances on the nutrients. For me, I need to learn to stop when satisfied, rather than when the food is gone. So far, I've had no ill effects due to lack of nutrients! ;)

I decided this morning to only have half a drink this morning and the other half for supper. I'll eat my meal at lunch time. So far, I'm plenty full. If I get hungry, I'll have a full drink at supper, or maybe I'll space them out to four small 'meals' per day. I'll just have to tweak it to make it work for me.

I got the heart rate monitor/calorie counter yesterday. J-boy and I facilitate a group on Monday nights, so I hardly got a chance to look at it. I plan to get it programmed this afternoon after work, and use it when I exercise tonight. I'll report on that tomorrow.

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