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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Heart Rate Monitor Review

Right now I would not recommend this product at all!  I have spent over an hour trying to program it.  J-boy briefly tried, but gave up rather quickly.  We are both educated, intelligent people and we can't make the thing work.  We have concluded that this particular item must have a malfunction.

I looked the instructions and packaging over very carefully for an 800 number to call for technical support.  There was none.  I went to the website I found on the packaging and my only option for customer service was a form to complete and now I'm awaiting an email.

I'm not happy with this product at this time.


  1. That's pretty ridiculous. I wonder how many calories you burned when your heart rate went up due to frustration from the heart rate monitor?

    I got a watch from walmart that has a heart rate monitor that I like a lot. It's probably WAY less cool or convenient than the one you got but I can give you details if you want just shoot me an email.

  2. I told J-boy after we finally got it working that I felt like I'd had my workout. I'd be willing to bet that my blood pressure was up, and probably my heart rate too.