Total Weight Loss

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day Three Report

I was down 1.2 lbs this morning from yesterday bringing my total weight loss for the week to 2.6 lbs. Which is great, but I'm withholding my excitement for the time being. Mostly because I'm hard to impress. :) Also, this is once again losing the regain, so I'll be impressed and excited when I get below the mid 170's.

As a whole though, I am pleased with the program. Yesterday, I went with half of the recommended amount and was quite satisfied all day as far as hunger goes. I chewed gum yesterday afternoon to get me over that need to chew. Last night, I had to rush out of the kitchen as soon as I had finished my drink because I just plain wanted to eat. It really had nothing to do with being hungry. Once I get my head in the game more fully, I feel confident that the weight will slide right off again. 

I have a challenge tomorrow, though. I have a breakfast meeting with a foundation looking to assist non-profit organizations. Ordinarily, the Development Director would attend and in his absence the Executive Director would attend. The DD is out for health reasons and the ED has a conflict, so now we're down to the third string, Business Director, me. I'm so nervous about the whole thing that I've hardly given a thought as to what I'll eat.

Of course this program is designed to allow one meal a day, and I could just make that meal breakfast, but alas that won't work tomorrow. J-boy has a Dean's dinner at the local old money country club tomorrow night. I might have gone in the parking lot on a dare in high school, but that is as close as I've ever come to attending any function at this place. Once again I'm so freaked out about the whole event, and what in the world have I got to wear to something like this, that I've barely considered what is on the menu.

Obviously, I'll have a protein drink at lunch. For the other meals, I'll do the best I can. It is a little bit foreign to me that the food is so secondary with these events. I'm trying to go with that thought, and focus on the real reason my presence is required at these two functions and eat or not eat as the situation dictates. Honestly, I might be too nervous to eat! Imagine that!
I'll give a full report Friday on how everything works out.

And now on to the heart rate monitor...I finally got a live person on the phone last night to help me program the blasted thing. She was very sweet and helpful which was great, because my level of frustration was very high by the time I got to her. She said that she'd had a similar call earlier in the day with the same thing. She had me walk through all the steps once again to prove that it was malfunctioning and suddenly it began working. It was embarrassing then on top of the frustration. She was kind about it, and said that happened all of the time.

I spent no less than 2 hours trying to get this piece of equipment to work. That is a huge thumbs down for me. J-boy and I both have advanced degrees although not in engineering, and it was just too difficult. It would have been better if the instructions just had an 800 number to call so that an expert could walk the user through the set up process. It seems to me this would save a lot of time and frustration. I was so perturbed that I did not use the thing last night, so I don't have a report on how it worked. I intend to use it tonight. Maybe I'll have something better to say tomorrow.


  1. Interesting about the heart monitor - I'd like to buy one sometime and am interested in your review(s).
    I too wonder about the re-gain after only drinking...I have tried this before and the weight loss seems temporary for me.
    I can't believe your pre-weight loss photo & current - you're doing awesome!

  2. The regain is a real concern, I admit. This drink is high protein and very filling unlike other liquid meal replacements. Often those have a lot of sugar. This one does not. I'm hoping the good nutritional value of these makes the difference. Only time will tell.