Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This morning's weight was 179.8! I think that is the first time in my life that I lost the vacation gain the next day. Maybe I'm on to something here, finally.


I think, it is obvious, that the weight was all water. I was about convinced of that as I kept the hallway between my desk and the ladies' room hot yesterday as I traveled back & forth! I had allowed myself artificial sweeteners while I was away. At home I drink water and tea sweetened with agave nectar. When eating out all of the time, the only drink without calories & artificial sweetener is water. Although, I love water, I want a bit of variety too. I drank tea with whatever sweetener was on the table and diet Coke along with water. I'm beginning to believe that something about carbonation creates water retention in me. Yesterday it was back to my old faithful water & agave nectar tea and I shed the excess fluid.


It hasn't been as hard as it used to be getting back on the wagon. One reason is I never really got off the wagon in a major way. I kept my goals in sight as I made my choices and was selective about the indulgences. The two things dancing around in my head, are ice cream and diet Coke. Ice cream is never far from my consciousness, so that is nothing new. I'm hoping the cold weather will help dispel that one. Diet Coke is almost humorous to me. As far as dieting goes, it is almost like craving broccoli. Giving up the DC is more of a healthy living decision to let go of the artificial stuff. It isn't a powerful craving and I'll get over it soon enough.


BTW, I didn't eat ice cream on vacation. J-boy and I usually have gelato while we are on vacation, but we didn't this time. I guess we've done that long enough that a synapse in my brain is complete so that my brain wants something cold & creamy while on vacation. Second only to ice cream is an Icee. There was a shop very close to our resort that had them. I told J-boy that I was going to walk up there for one while he was in conference one day, and I totally forgot!! How about that for a change of mindset?!?! In times past, I would have thought about that constantly until I got it. If I didn't I would be in mourning now for the missed opportunity. Now, I really don't care. Funny, isn't it?


So for my goals -

  • Goal 1, 173.4 by October 26, only 6.4 pounds to go or, 0.3 lbs per day 
  • Goal 2, 165.0 by November 20, only 14.8 pounds to go or 0.32 lbs per day 
  • Goal 3, 154.4 by December 31, only 25.4 pounds to go or 0.29 lbs per day 
  • Goal 4, 145.0 by January 21, only 34.8 pounds to go or 0.29 lbs per day.

I can do it!!


  1. Whoop-De-Doo and a big Yahoo. I'd say you're definitely on to something, Lori. Now, please, bottle it up and send some my way :-)

    Way to go!

  2. Girl, I do it in a hearbeat if it were'll get there.

  3. Based on what you'd said in yesterday's post, I thought you might lose it quickly. You really did a great job while away. The best part of all is you don't sound as if you felt deprived or as if you were missing out!! Good job!

  4. Awesome!! *clapping*

  5. YOU CAN DO IT! :) I'm cheering you on all the way!
    (and good for you about the ice-cream thing, my kids convinced me to buy some and it hasn't been a good thing to have in the house...but at least I'm sharing with them!) :)