Total Weight Loss

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day Four Report

I stayed the same weight-wise this morning, probably because I had to be up a full hour earlier than usual to get to the breakfast meeting. My body had to rebel somehow!! My total weight loss on this experiment is 2.6 lbs. That is a good loss.  I'm not complaining about staying the same, particularly after the big loss yesterday.

For breakfast, we were served a traditional southern fare of scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, biscuit & fruit. I ate a little of everything, but not all of anything. I quit when I felt satisfied. Oddly, it isn't hard for me to do that in situations like this one. In the past, when I was obese, I was incredibly self conscious at business meals. The instant I was served, I'd start thinking about what I was going to leave on my plate. I was definitely not going to eat everything and have people look at me and think "no wonder she's so fat." This time, that thought did not even enter my head. I just stopped at enough.

I had my protein drink for lunch and am still satisfied. I have learned that the menu tonight is surf & turf (Chilean Sea Bass & Fillet Mignon)!! Dessert is tiramisu. I'll probably have a sampling of everything. I've gotten all of my water in, but I won't have time to exercise between work & dinner. I don't know what time we'll get home, but it is a safe bet, I won't exercise after either. I'll probably collapse in to bed.

Keep a good thought for me tonight as I make my food choices, and in the morning when I face the music on the scales.

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