Total Weight Loss

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day One Report

This morning's weight was 182.6, down 0.4 from yesterday. I'm trying to be happy with whatever loss I get. The lady that told me about these drinks has been successful losing weight, and to her credit did not paint any unrealistic expectations. I knew better anyway. A person just beginning a weight loss program might have dramatic drops in weight, but someone like me that has been on this journey a long time will lose more slowly. That is just the way it is. My goal now is for the scale to keep moving down, since I really don't know how this is going to work.

Sharon brought up an interesting point in her comment yesterday. That is regaining weight lost on meal replacements. It is definitely a valid concern and one I had myself. Obviously, I decided to take the risk and this is why. Mainly, I had to do something. I'm just so tired of floundering. Whatever I did had to give results quickly. It is a mental thing. I needed a mental boost as much or more than the weight loss. Meal replacements generally offer that.

With regard to the issue of regaining when eating real food again, I learned that a lot of readily available meal replacement drinks have sugar in them. For me, I think, the sugar continues to trigger the desire to eat, and thus the regain. These drinks have no sugar. They have acai, blueberries and dry processed cacao. I'm hoping that is the difference. I admit I am a little dubious, only time will tell.

I'll be honest on the blog. If the drinks work like I want them to, I'll share every detail about how & where to get them. If they don't work, I'll share that too, and spare all of you the trouble of going through this. We'll all be a little better educated to say the least, after about a month.


  1. I have the same issue...sugar creates more hunger. frustrating since I love my sweets.


  2. They have NO sugar? you'll need to share these with me! I'm still looking for a protien drink which I'll be able to have without reacting to!