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Thursday, June 9, 2011

As Heard on the Radio

I listen to the radio in the mornings as I get dressed for work. Most days they give some sort of interesting tid-bit of information and call it news. Earlier this week I heard that a new study indicates that yo yo dieting is better than staying fat. I smiled to myself since I've been up & down about 10 pounds more times than I care to count. I was vindicated.

Then this morning I heard that a new and very effective tool for weight loss is...the internet!! Of course, we already knew that. The report went on to say that dieters should not get discouraged if one plan didn't work, just try another. Oh my!! That is what I've been saying all along on this blog and what I read in most of the blogs out there.

Perhaps going forward diet researchers should just call us. We could save them a lot of time and money on studies.


  1. Shoot, it dropped my comment. Well, I'll try once more. I think you're exactly right. I've read more good, sensible advice on blog posts than in all the (MANY) diet books I've read. My new favorite rule of thumb is Ideal Weight = HS graduation weight plus 20 pounds. That's exactly right for me--almost to the pound what my doctor and I figured out was a good goal weight for me.

  2. Love it! So the Internet is new, eh? :)

    It's so true, though: It's a great tool, whether you're blogging about weight loss or tracking calories with an online journal or looking up strategies for success.

    The only downside is that you're sitting on your butt instead of exercising. Sometimes I have to make myself push the chair back from my desk and go outside to work in a little exercise... :)

  3. I love Tish's ideal calculations! LOL That would work for me too. At least you heard some decent studies - I hate the ones that everyone jumps on the bandwagon and then jumps on the next one when it comes out...Ugh.

  4. That is almost as bad as the endless studies that figure out that boys are different than girls! Well, DOH!