Total Weight Loss

Monday, June 6, 2011


Today I was glad to get back to the healthy eating part of the hcg plan.  I was glad to chug the water and even glad to make multiple trips to the restroom.  It felt good.  It felt right.  I felt strong, knowing I was doing the right thing to get this weight down where it belongs.  That was really enough, but I was blessed enough to get two confirmations that I'm doing the right thing.

First a co-workers daughter had come to the office on Friday and we had a nice chat.  The co-worker told me this morning that her daughter went on and on about how, sweet, nice & pretty I was.  My co-worker kindly agreed.  Then her daughter asked how long I'd worked there.  She thought I was new!  She didn't realize I was the same person she'd talked to last time she was in the office.  (She covered it well, too.)

Second, the nurse giving me my allergy shots this afternoon, said I was either going to have to get a new photo or verify my birth date before I could get any more shots.  I have an ID card that I scan to check in.  My picture appears on the computer and that is used to verify the right person is getting the right shots.  I started taking shots just a week or so after starting the first round of hcg two years ago.  The picture is definitely different.  I agreed to a new shot, but then she said I could wait until I go to my goal.  It won't be long now!


  1. :D You now have proof that you don't look like the same person! How cool is that?! :D


  2. how wonderful to get those confirmations just when you need them! WOOT!

  3. Hooray! What great confirmations of the fruits of your labor!