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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Scale Says & Shopping Report

This morning the scales read 169.2!  That is just 2.6 pounds from my first goal of  166.6 (my lowest weight of the year).  Go me!! I mentioned a couple of posts ago that 65MD had decided to get serious about the 20  or so pounds that he needs to trim off.  He dropped 4.5 lbs this week!  I think the synergy in our house is good for both of us.  Even though we're doing different programs, there are still major commonalities, like no sweets.  It is a lot easier when we agree not to have any goodies in the house at all.  It has really been a good thing.  Even though he's been totally supportive all along, it is just different somehow now, in a very good way.
I went shopping this morning.  I had decided that my wardrobe is severely lacking in belts.  I think I can wear some clothes longer if I can belt them.  Armed with a discount coupon I headed out on a quest for belts.  I was not paying attention to sizes but looking for what I liked.  I picked up one and wrapped it around my waist to see how it fit & looked.  I liked it and then looked at the price tag.  It was within my price range and then I noticed it was labeled 'small' so I had to buy it!!

The store was having a really good sale so I decided to peruse the skirts to see if there was anything else I might 'need' for my wardrobe.  This time I was looking a sizes.  I found the most adorable tiger print skirt on the 30% off rack.  Could I be so lucky for it to be my size?  It looked small, but I know I have trouble visualizing my size right now.  I looked at the tag and saw a 12 so I took it to the dressing room with another skirt.  

I put the tiger print skirt on and got it zipped.  It was a little tighter in the hips than I like but it was too cute and I wanted it.  With it being a little tight, I justified, I could wear it at my goal weight.  I took it off and put the other one on and it was a little looser fitting.  I began to think how odd women's sizes were and how I was still going to have to guess as to what size to buy even at a much smaller size.  
I redressed and contemplated the skirts.  With my discount coupon and both being on sale, they could fit in to my budget.  The tiger print skirt didn't have a red dot on the tag to indicate sale,  so I was afraid it had been hung on the wrong rack.  As cute as it was, full price would be a deal breaker.  I really studied the tag to be sure there was no red dot, but noticed that the 12 I saw was the department number not the size.  The skirt was a size 10!  
I took it to the sales clerk and asked if it was on sale.  She said that it was because it had a black dot, which I thought was just an ink blot on the tag.  She further explained that the black dot meant half price rather than the 30% off I thought.  Needless to say I bought the skirt!  I have two new skirts and two new belts that I believe will work with my wardrobe even at my goal weight.  I love it when that happens!
For the record, the replacement router came late Wednesday evening. We immediately began to install it, but it was not cooperating.  We called our young relatives asking for advice.  When they ran out of suggestions we finally called customer service.  After a good while dealing with them, it was decided that the replacement router was a dud as well.  The replacement for the replacement came yesterday.  Luckily, it was installed quickly and easily and we're back to a three computer household once again!


  1. Love a bargain! Lucky you to have company eating healthy at home. I wish I could get my husband get more serious. It would be good for us both.

  2. Oh YEAH! Sounds like a very successful shopping trip! And size TEN??!!! Whoa. The sales get me - I hate paying regular price and if I can get a double discount - AND A SIZE TEN?? YES!!! Good for you! (oh and 169 is AWESOME!!) Great post!

  3. Lori ~ that is awesome!!! Size 10!! You should be very proud of yourself!! That is HUGE!!! Way to go my Friend!

    Keep focused!