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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Still Think about Ice Cream

I feel like my head is in the right place for getting to my goal now. For me getting my mind right is the biggest part of the battle. I know what I can and cannot eat to get to my goal. I'm fine with operating within those parameters. But that doesn't mean that I don't think about ice cream, or that cookie dough waiting to be baked. I do. It is different now though.

Before I started dieting if ice cream popped in to my head, and stayed there, I'd go get some. Simple as that. When I first started dieting seriously a couple of years ago if ice cream popped in to my head, I'd immediately banish the thought. I could not have those thoughts rolling around up there torturing me, knowing I couldn't have any. There were times when I would be counting calories so that technically ice cream was allowed, and if the thoughts could not be banished, I'd try to work it in. That didn't always result in the outcome for which I hoped.  :)

Now, however, when thoughts of ice cream float into my head. I think about how it would be good to have a bite or two right now. I might even contemplate the creaminess and the coolness in my mouth and throat. I might think of which flavor would be particularly appealing right now. After a moment, I sigh and remind myself this isn't the time in my life for ice cream. And I move on.

It is similar to me thinking about being at the beach. Often when I'm at work thoughts of being on the beach pop in to my head unbidden. I'll think about the sun on my face and the sand between my toes. I'll mentally hear the surf and feel the breeze. Then I'll sigh and get back to work. I know this isn't the time in my life to be at the beach and I move on.

I know that one day, I'll go to the beach again. I know I don't live there. It is just a rare, sweet indulgence. Same way with ice cream. One day, I'll have ice cream again. It won't be an everyday thing, just a rare, sweet indulgence. In the meantime, back to work.


  1. I love the beach analogy. What a great way to think about it! I'm having a few "issues" with ice cream myself right now!!

  2. "...I know I don't live there..." Hmm.

    I really wouldn't want to live at the beach.

    I really would enjoy living in an ece cream parlor. I would.


  3. I agree with Sharon - great analogy and great way to think about ice cream. Or whatever the food might be. Love this post.

  4. Frozen yogurt is a good segue from's about finding what works to stay within your plan. We do understand!

  5. thank goodness sugar isn't my problem the only ice vream i EVER think about is my grandma's home-made and that's more of a memory of fun with her than a taste. without her it would simply be flat and tasteless...........biscuits on the other hand are the devils temptation and are EVIL! lol

  6. What a terrific analogy! Thanks for this post.