Total Weight Loss

Monday, September 13, 2010

Daily Weigh In

This morning the scale read 180.6.  Sometimes it is harder to get back with the program than others.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I have a busy, busy week this week, and just thinking about it put me in a tailspin.  Even this morning, I am quite jittery about what has to be done.  Here is a brief synopsis -

J-boy and I begin facilitating a group tonight.  We have facilitated this group before at our church, and now we've been asked to expand it through my employer.  We had the promise of some equipment and here it is mere hours before the session and the equipment is no longer available to us.  The workbooks that I was told were in a certain place are not there.  The coordinator is out of the office today and J-boy is in class right now, so I'm alone to figure out what do to.

Tomorrow is the board meeting for my employer and I present the financials.  I work for a non-profit organization and we rely heavily on donations for our operations.  Our donations have been down significantly as anyone would expect in this economy, but our demand for services is up again due in large part to the economic situation.  My job is to make it all work from a financial standpoint.  No easy task, although it has eased some in recent weeks.

Wednesday is session two of a group J-boy and I are facilitating at our church.  Right now our participants are a specially challenged young lady with breast cancer, and a woman we have reason to believe is clinically depressed.  We are not equipped to deal with these situations and may have to pull the plug on the group.  As difficult as it will be to tell these two women that we can't help them, they will probably be better served elsewhere.

On a lighter note, the upcoming weekend has three fun events, not the least of which is my autistic cousin's 47th birthday.  He loves my chocolate cake, and I'm not about to deny him that on his birthday!  So, making a cake is on my agenda for later this week.  And I'll need to bring something to our church picnic on Sunday.

I'm backing down from one day at a time to one moment at a time.  I'll do the best I can making decisions about what to eat and work in exercise as much as I can.  I'm sure this will work out to be a good thing.  It may be hard to see that now, but I know I'll look back and be glad for something.


  1. What are you guys doing between work and the groups? Does this mean dinner out? Yes, you've got your challenges cut out for you.

    I'm afraid to voice it, but am feeling things have bottomed out and the joy may be right around the corner. I want that for you too as I'd really like to do this together since we've got the same amount of weight to goal.

    Yes, one moment at a time.

  2. Sharon,

    We'll have time for a quick bite at home in between. That will mean planning ahead to have something ready to quickly heat or eat as is.

    I hope that joy is just around the corner for you. I know what you mean about being afraid to voice it.

    Let's do this together, for sure. It always helps to have a friend on the journey.

  3. It sure does sound busy!!! As for the are totally right. Sometimes is just easier than others!!! I have been having a lot of that going on lately!