Total Weight Loss

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daily Weigh In

This morning's reading was 178.6.  ?????  I even did my full exercise routine yesterday.  I'm not upset about it and I feel like tomorrow's reading will be back down. 

I have one theory as to why, it is probably TMI so feel free to stop reading now, especially men.  Even the casual reader may have noticed that I have not blogged about having a period, or monthly bloat, etc.  That is because I had a uterine ablation about 7 years ago.  It is a procedure in which the lining of the uterus is burned away, so that it does not shed each month.  So, I still have all of my equipment, just one part doesn't do anything anymore. 

I still have cycles, but I don't have a marker to let me know where I am in the cycle.  My only clue most of the time is inappropriate weepiness. It seems that everything is so sweet that it brings a tear of joy.  I'm not kidding.  I have cried at long distance telephone commercials before.  It is just so touching to see people reconnecting in that way.  I might cry because I'm so angry, tired, happy, sad, etc. 

I was feeling that way on Tuesday, but didn't make the connection because I was feeling so overwhelmed regarding my schedule and it didn't seem quite so out of place.  I really felt bloated last night but still didn't pt it all together.  I tried to figure out what I'd eaten to cause the feeling.  This morning when the scale bounced up for no good reason, it finally came together for me.  Funny thing is, when I realized that was likely the reason for the issues lately, I was relieved and I haven't felt like crying all day! 

Odd isn't it?  I only wish I'd realized this on Tuesday.  It would have saved J-boy from having to constantly reassure me that everything was going to be OK.


  1. Never TMI, Lori. That's what we're here for - to encourage you in figuring things out. If only it weren't all so complicated>

    Hope the groups went well this week.

  2. Thanks,Sharon.

    The Monday night group went great and will likely be the best group we've ever led. The Wednesday night group didn't make. I'm a little relieve about that since we've never tried to run two at the same time.