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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good Questions

Thanks to Grace for the questions left on my previous post.  That is the exact reason I blog, for the accountability.  I appreciate everyone for holding me accountable.

As for eating, I feel like I can say without hesitation I have made the best choices I could with the craziness that surrounded me this week.  That being said, I know I relied heavily on fruits & nuts because they are grab & go type foods.  It was probably too many carbs, but not enough, I don't think to cause these great leaps each day.  I would have understood a slow down in the losses or even no loss due to the choices but not a gain.

With regard to exercise, I missed Monday & Tuesday, but I felt like I moved more than I would have if I'd just come home and just skipped exercise.  Again, I know that would cause things to slow down, but not jump up.

I began to suspect hormones on Thursday and had that confirmed today, when our Ladies' Day speaker moved me to tears several times.  In fact, several of my precious 'sisters' hugged me afterwards because they'd noticed me crying.  I am so blessed to have such a loving community around me.  Even though our speaker was indeed touching with her remarks, I knew that I was overreacting.  I'm really hoping that this is the problem because if so, in a day or two I'll have a huge drop and be back on the way again.

As for the 'cleaning out' this is another possibility, but it is hard to know for sure.  I have a lovely little condition called IBS.  As a result, I don't have a regular pattern, but also any little thing can throw my system out of sync.  The treatment for IBS is mega-doses of fiber twice a day and I have been compliant with that treatment.  It is another thing that I hope is the problem or at least a large part of it.  If so, once my body gets regulated, I'll have a nice loss then as well. 

This is something that I truly had not considered until I read the comments.  That is why I love the comments so much.   Thanks, and please keep it up!

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  1. Hey Lori,

    Sorry I wasn't around yesterday to comment. I "know" you well enough now that I felt the discouragement in that short, pointed post. Isn't part of your struggle right now just the mental weariness with the fact that this is a "for the rest of your life" battle? Sometimes, I think I feel that more than other times and it's usually when I go through a stage of trying to eat "intuitively" and pretty quickly realize that aint' EVER gonna work for me. My intuitions tell me to eat ALL the time. My "stop when full" button isn't just malfunctioning, it doesn't exist. When I have periods of real difficulty like you are currently experiencing, I almost get claustrophobic with the pain of knowing this is forever and I just want to give up.

    I know this isn't anything concrete, but just thought the words might resonate and help you to know you are NOT, NOT, NOT alone. Please just don't give up.

    On another subject, if I were to just happen to be coming to Nashville, is there any chance you'd be interested in meeting? I promise it will have no effect on our "blog" friendship if your philosophy is to keep blogging strictly in the BlogWorld.