Total Weight Loss

Sunday, September 5, 2010

J-boy's Birthday!

This morning the scales read 179.0. can that be?  Gaining 0.8 lbs after a perfectly fine, on plan day, is one of the most frustrating parts of this journey for me.  I want to find the culprit and remedy it ASAP.  It often takes me a while to recognize where the problem is.  There are two possibilities this time.

One, I've been slacking off in the exercise area because of the foot injury.  Yesterday, my plan was to be back at full capacity on the elliptical, but true to the rest of the day those plans didn't work out.  It was such a lovely evening that J-boy and I decided to walk in our neighborhood.  We had a great stroll, but I didn't get my heart rate up where it needed to be.  J-boy has arthritis in his knees that flares up from time to time.  It did last night and he just couldn't keep up any pace.  So, I backed off.

The other possibility is water.  I had 8 glasses yesterday, but I often have 12 or even more.  My body could be mad about that.  I'm trying to increase my fluid intake today.

Today is J-boy's birthday.  He opted out of a birthday cake since he's on board to losing 30 lbs after the knee flare up.  An anonymous church member, however, had some chocolate mini muffins waiting for him this morning.  They are his and not mine so I'm fine with not having any.

To celebrate he wanted to go to a local eatery that gives a senior discount to people at his new age.  (BTW, J-boy is a lot older than me.)  This place isn't known for healthy options or really even good service, so I had my work cut out for me.  They generally have a Sunday brunch buffet which is what he wanted, but I opted out of that.  I can't handle seeing all of those options, and start thinking a little taste here & there won't hurt. 

I decided to order off the menu as had a couple of others in our party, so I didn't feel so isolated.  Depending on the mood of the server, special requests might be granted or not.  Even if the server is in a good mood and agrees to the special request, like salad dressing on the side, it still may not happen.  Rather than order a menu item that needed tweaking, I looked for something that could stand alone. 

As a was perusing the menu, my eye fell on fish & chips.  I'd been thinking of fish a lot lately.  Thinking how it would taste good and that I needed to learn how to prepare it. Stuff like that, not like craving ice cream, just thinking about fish.  I knew when I saw it that it would be battered and fried, not like what I would prepare if I knew how.  Somehow that fish called to me, so I ordered it.  It was good and hot and crispy when it came out.  I ate it, and I ate slowly which is a huge accomplishment for me.  As it lost the heat, it wasn't as good.  When it stopped being good, I stopped eating it. 

Don't misunderstand, I ate most of it.  Eating slowly and leaving any food, particularly restaurant food, is huge for me.  I don't want to be wasteful.  I knew this wouldn't reheat well, and I didn't mind leaving it.  I'd had all I wanted.  It has fit in to my calories with no problem.  For my evening meal, I'm planning something light, like a fruit ice drink.  So far, eating has no appeal to me.  I'm quite satisfied.  J-boy and I will likely take another stroll through the neighborhood.

Right now it is too gorgeous outside for me to stay in here typing away.  I'm going outside.  We'll see in the morning how much damage the fish did!


  1. This eating out thing is just really a bummer isn't it? I've got another challenge Tuesday with lunch at PF Chang's. I've only eaten there once a long time ago. You familiar with it - any suggestions?

    I'm with you on the frustration. I stayed the same this morning after hiking nine miles yesterday. I ALWAYS lose the day after I hike. What's up with that?

  2. I'm not very familiar with PF Chang's. They used to have lettuce wraps, which could be low carb. They could also be high in sodium You just never know with eating out.

    I think you should have had a big loss after hiking 9 miles!! Surely it will come tomorrow.

  3. Better to get the foot healed instead of pressing it. General ruleis when healing and unable to exercise is to be more diligent on the eating. Sounds like you did well at the restaurant. Leaving some behind when the old you would nto do that is a huge step and something to feel good about.

    Happy Labor Day