Total Weight Loss

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goals Revisited

This morning's weight was 181.4. That is a loss of 0.8 from yesterday. I'll refrain from making any definitive statements about never regaining those pounds or finally getting my mind & body in sync. It seems that when I do, I'm proven to be a liar almost immediately! :)

I've decided once again to focus on three interim goals prior to my final goal. I also reserve the right to change the final goal up or down when I get there depending on how I feel and if that is a maintainable weight.

Goal 1 - 173.4. This is my lowest weight this summer. That is only 8 pounds and I should be able to reach that by October 26. I know that seems like an arbitrary date, but I have a doctor's appointment that day. I want to be able to be at my lowest possible weight then. Even as I type this, I'm thinking that is too easy...I'll soon find out.

Goal 2 - 165. This is the original goal the doctor set for me once I'd started losing weight. That is only 16.4 pounds. Target date is November 20. That is a little more of a challenge. That will mean 2 lbs per week. I can do that if I really focus. When I reach this goal, I'm going shoe shopping. I think I'll get myself some cute red shoes. I may not limit myself to one pair!!!

Goal 3 - 154.4. That is 100 lbs gone, and my original goal. That is only 27 lbs. This target date is a little harder to set. It is 10.6 more pounds than goal 2 and even without the holidays thrown in, it is a lofty goal to lose 10 lbs in a month. At the same time, I think I can achieve both goals 1 & 2 before the target dates, so I'm going with December 31. When I reach this goal, I'm going to give myself a spa day.

Goal 4 - 145. The goal I foolishly talked my doctor in to at my last visit, and where I truly want to be on December 31!! I must be realistic in my expectations however, and not set myself up for failure. To get to 145, I'll need to lose 36.4 pounds. If I lose steadily 2 pounds per week, that will be January 27, so I'll tentatively set that goal for January 31. When I reach this goal, I'm going to spend all that money I've been saving on lots of new clothes, maybe even clothes from the mall, not the consignment/thrift store!!

I reserve the right to change the target dates for goals 3 and 4 since right now they seem so far away.

I'm giving myself positive affirmations. I've lost a lot of weight, more than most people ever hope to. It really doesn't matter if I weigh 145 on December 31, 2010, January 31, 2011 or even March 31, 2011. What matters is I get there. I have learned, however, that I operate much better with stricter parameters and tighter goals. I have to balance the two. I can and I will!


  1. Go for it! You can do it! I have lost about 65 lbs and have been at the same weight(give or take 5 lbs) for about 3 months. So Ithink I will jump on your wagon and set some goals for myself as well :)


  2. Good goals, Lori! Maybe a little aggressive, but I think you see that and are prepared to adjust. I can't wait for you to reach the 100 pounds lost mark. We're gonna have a HUGE celebration!

    Any suggestions for a quaint place Mr. B and I could go for lunch after I pick him up Saturday on our way to Trader Joe's. He'll be at the downtown Tennessee State campus just off Charlotte Street? Somewhere fun, but where there will be some good choices for me.

  3. It is good to set goals, but you are absolutely right: it does not matter WHEN you get there as long as you do. I will cheer you on!