Total Weight Loss

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Scale Says

181.6 - It matters now.  I have a very low threshold for doing what I know to be right and not seeing results.


  1. Okay, Lori, I have to ask... teehee! You're eating your normal 'good eating'? No extra-salty stuff? Is it 'that' time right now? If you're eating super well and gaining, could easily be hormonal. :(

    The other possibility...? Sorry for TMI but, are you 'cleaning out' well every day? You've been busy lately, and if that's messing with your digestive tract... you get the picture. A few of days of 'not' is enough to add a couple of pounds.

    Sorry for the personal questions, my friend. ((hug))

    One more important thing... You've lost a lot of weight, Lori... Your body is smaller! It 'might' be time to cut your calories back a bit because your body requires less fuel at your smaller size. I've heard that these adjustments are necessary after every 20 lbs of weight loss, approx.

    Blessings, my friend. <3

    Love, Grace

  2. Good questions from Grace. One more thing - are you measuring yourself? Sometimes we are changing our composition to more muscle, less fat and it doesn't show as a loss, but you'll see it in your measurements.