Total Weight Loss

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Scale Says

This morning I weighed 178.2.  That is 4.8 pounds heavier than my lowest weight this summer when things suddenly stalled out and I started sparkpeople.

I'm going to keep posting my weight each day.  It may not be very interesting to read, but it certainly keeps me motivated.  I'm also going back to listing how far away I am from my goal weight, but now I've got some intermediate goals.

Goal 1 - 173.4. my lowest weight this summer, 4.8 lbs to lose
Goal 2 - 165, the original goal my doctor set for me, 13.2 lbs to lose
Goal 3 - 154.4, 100 lbs gone!!!!!, 23.8 lbs to lose
Goal 4 - 145, ultimate goal OK'd by my doctor at the last visit, 33.2 lbs to lose

They all seem like very doable amounts, even 33.2 doesn't sound like that much weight any more!!  I'm going to come up with some rewards for myself in between.  I'm thinking a new pair of shoes at 165, a spa treatment day at 154.4, and of course the major shopping spree at 145.

My foot is much, much better today.  I wore the shape ups around this morning, and I intend to do 20 minutes on the elliptical at my full capacity.  (I would have done this earlier, but my day got hijacked, in the most pleasant way possible!)  I usually take Sunday off from all exercise, so I'll have a full day of recovery if needed.  If I have no ill effects from today, I'll put myself back on the full exercise routine on Monday.

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day in Middle Tennessee, so I'm off to enjoy it!


  1. I don't find you posting your weight boring at all. In fact, I hope you keep doing it. It helps me. BTW, how tall are you? My goal is 138 and I'm 5'7. I think we're both gonna get there.

    Glad your foot is better.

  2. Sharon,
    Thanks for the vote in favor of posting my weight. I know I like to read when others post their weight, but I'm a real numbers geek.

    I'm 5'4". A weight of 145 will put me in the normal range as far as BMI goes. I think my doctor was playing a head game with me when he set the goal of 165. That is still overweight according to the BMI charts, but he told me he didn't get all hung up on that. Although, I think he'd be pleased if I got to 165 and stayed there, I think he was trying to set an attainable goal. I am reserving the right to revise my goal once I get to 145.