Total Weight Loss

Friday, September 24, 2010

Progress Report

This morning the scale read 180.4, down a full pound from yesterday! To reach Goal 1 I need to lose 7 pounds by October 26.  Definitely doable!

I mentioned on Wednesday that I was getting a sore throat. It is minor and sort of comes and goes, but there is definitely something going on in my sinuses. I think it is allergies. It is mild relatively speaking; nothing like what I used to have to deal with. My sinuses swell and press down on the nerve endings for my teeth causing all the teeth on that side of my mouth to hurt. Apparently this is not uncommon. I actually went to the dentist once insisting that he pull all the teeth on that side one time. Luckily, he had more sense than me and explained the situation. He took and x-ray and showed me the cloudiness in my sinuses which was infection.   Once that cleared the pain was gone, and I still had all my teeth.

Now I recognize what's going on and take some anti-inflammatories. Most of the time there is no infection but instead allergies. I feel confident that is the problem this time as well, especially since the symptoms are much milder this time. My teeth don't hurt all the time just when I bite down, more positive progress!!

The good news, and the reason I included all of that in this weight loss blog is that since it hurts when I chew, I try real hard not to. Last night J-boy was trying to decide what he wanted to eat for supper and nothing sounded good to me because I didn't want to chew. I finally settled on putting some frozen strawberries in the vita mix. It was a little more than a cup, and a splash of agave nectar and about 1/4 c of 1% milk. BTW, the strawberries were ones that I'd frozen myself with no sugar. I whirled that up in the vita mix for a few seconds and it was like strawberry ice cream! I gave J-boy one bite and ate every bit of the rest. YUM! It was so good I might even eat it when my teeth aren't sore!


  1. I have sinus problems too! It's hard to believe it's allergies when everything seems to starting to hibernate. And that "ice cream" sounds really good!

  2. In the southeast we're breaking record highs, so nothing is hibernating yet!

  3. The story about going to the dentist to have him pull all your teeth on one side had me laughing. Needed a laugh, so thanks :)


  4. Ah, another pound down. Definitely doable your goal is. Hope the sinus issue is soon behind you. Nice go at making a cool treat for yourself, Strawberries are a fave of mine. Have a good weekend.

  5. So sorry you are not feeling well!!! Get better soon!!!

    The strawberry drink sounds amazing!! I love stuff like that!!!

    Congrats on the weight loss!!! That is awesome!!