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Friday, September 17, 2010

Daily Weigh In

This morning - 179.6.  Once again a gain, and once again, it is OK.  I know what I'm eating and I know how I'm working out, so I know that the scales will catch up soon enough.  Besides I feel it.  I feel smaller.  I even tried on a skirt that had been too small.  It was still tighter than I like, but it definitely fit better.

I've had a crazy week, and it isn't over yet.  I have Ladies' Day at church tomorrow morning where lunch will be provided, then my autistic cousin's 47th birthday party in the afternoon.  We will have chocolate cake there, that I made.  He likes my chocolate cake and I was glad to make it for him.  On Sunday we have a church-wide picnic. 

I'm not real worked up about any of these eating situations.  People at church have commented a lot about my weight loss.  I know that a lot of people will be watching to see what I eat because they are happy for me. I don't want to let them down, so I'll make better choices that I might have otherwise.  I might or might not eat cake at the party.  My cousin would be perfectly happy if no one ate cake and he had it all to himself.  It is easy for me to give him that privilege on his birthday. 

In the midst of the chaos of the week, I didn't get a chance to blog about the amount of food we had Tuesday.  We are definitely a food oriented workplace but things moved to a new level on Tuesday.  I baked cookies for our Monday night group and forgot them (imagine?!), so I brought them in Tuesday morning.  The person bringing the monthly birthday cake decided to bring it Tuesday.  There was another cake in the kitchen as well, that I never learned the story.

So first thing Tuesday morning we have 4 dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies, and two cakes in the kitchen.  Tuesday afternoon we had an adoption ceremony.  There was cake!  Yes, now there were three cakes in our office, plus mints, nuts, chex mix, & pizza rolls.  That's not counting punch, and assorted colas.

Ask me how much cake I ate?  NONE!  I did have some nuts and a little chex mix, but no cake.  I slipped in to my 'server' mode.  I sliced & served a lot of cake.  I picked up dirty plates and refilled the nuts, etc.  (That's when I had the nibbles.)  I feel good about that.  I am more comfortable serving than sitting anyway. If I am busy passing out food and making sure everyone else is fed, I'm distracted from the fact that I'm not getting any.  It is much better that way.

Once I get through the weekend, I'll be back to a more typical routine.  My hormones should be back in order and the scales should move south once again.

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  1. Good progress! It's great that you can see that progress is measured in things other than what the scale says. Looser fitting clothing, making better choices! Yah! I'm proud of you!