Total Weight Loss

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"You'll Look Old!"

Before I get to the story everyone came to read today - I weighed 182.0 this morning. That is a loss of 2.2 lbs yesterday. If I can keep up this pace for the week, I'll be back on track. Wouldn't that be nice!

So, on Saturday and Sunday I got compliments and comments galore on my new trimmer body. It felt good, particularly since I'd gained weight and folks were still noticing the loss rather than the regain. On Sunday as I was walking out of the church building on the way to the picnic, a woman I've known and loved since childhood, commented on my dramatic weight loss. This lady has had weight struggles of her own through the years and so I spoke with her very openly about losing 81 lbs and the recent uptick, knowing that she'd understand. Imagine my surprise when she told me to stop losing weight! She said I'd lost enough and looked fine. I pointed out that my doctor's original goal was still below my current weight and that I wanted to lose 100 pounds which was a little less than that even. Then she blurted out, "You'll look old!"

Sadly, I knew she was right. She confirmed what the cosmetic surgeon told me about a year ago when I went for the hip blob. I told her that I had been forewarned that was a possibility, so she reiterated her first admonition to just stop. I was floored. As hard as this has been in recent months, stopping has not been an option. It still isn't by the way.

As I am typing this all out, I am realizing what a good thing the whole conversation was. Initially, I thought how could she be so insensitive, now I'm understanding this was just what I needed to hear. I needed to confirm for myself that I'm not quitting.WOW!! I love blogging for this very reason. This is not the first time I've had an epiphany right in the middle of an entry. I'm not quitting! That is all that matters.

Thanks to everyone for all the supportive comments yesterday.  I needed those too.  It is a journey with highs and lows.  I've been in the valley long enough.  I'm feeling a change in momentum...


  1. I've heard that one before. You'll look old. And it can be a dramatic change if you lose it too quickly. But it just takes time for people who see you all the time to adjust to the new look. I think you look fantastic. What's old anyway? Unhealthy is the worst way to look. Old... depends who's looking. In any event, I would never say that to anyone.

  2. I had someone tell me the same thing just as I was getting to goal the last time. Unfortunately, it was my mother!! I haven't forgiven her yet. LOL!

    No, quitting is not an option. I always knew you wouldn't!

  3. You know other people's comments to me were what tripped me up when I lost the weight years ago. Don't listen, but at the same time, listen to your own body. You and it will know what is a good weight FOR YOU! Often others are so used to you looking a certain way and they can't stand any changes - they have to just get used to the "new" you! But don't get stuck on a number because you like that number - make sure it's a good number for YOU!

  4. you will not look old! Just different...and when you're body settles in your new weight, when you re-learn how to dress, what make-up to apply, what hair looks best on you: WOW--the change will be great and you know you'll like your look better! :)
    I'm in agreement: don't get stuck on a number, get to the goal and look which is right for you, which is maintainable and makes YOU happy!